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Welcome to The .com featuring detailed profile of the advocates across the nation. Auxiliary features like fixing appointment, knowing relevant skills, experience, achievement and expertise are easily discoverable.

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The Calendar(TM) is embed in the Discovery Platform is available to the registered users free of cost. Built on the principals of Artificial Intelligence the Calendar is designed around the work flow and daily schedule of Advocates and members of the legal fraternity. The Calendar(TM) helps improve productivity, increase efficiency and brings in seamless interaction with clients and associates leading to a SMART(TM) Legal Practice.
SMART : Simple Moral Accountable Responsible Transparent

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Let us introduce our upcoming legal app designed for advocates and Law Firms to access legal materials, keep a proper record of different cases and majorly attracting clients. The Calendar(TM) Apps turns your Android phone into a digital diary. You can store all the case related information at one place to eliminate the maintenance of cumbersome spreadsheets.
We would love to hear from you in the form of suggestion to make further improvements on our app. The most helpful suggestion from you will be mentioned on our page along with your name.

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