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- to create a user experience of Information, Interaction and Transaction, leading to Transformation in real time that can make your practice more efficient, organized and happier.

What makes so different?

3000+ Legal Content

Legal Content, 3000+ Documents for Reading and Download
  • Download legal documents: Legal Drafts, Affidavits, Legal Procedures, Pleadings, Deeds etc
  • Acts and Amendments
  • Note Worthy Cost Orders
  • Legal News
  • Legal Words and meanings
  • The Constitution Of India

Easy to Use Interface

Our simplified interface offers user-friendly tools to use the system without limiting your experience. Using the Mini-Dash Search you can search within the component or across the entire portal for key issues. Built-in work flow allows the business to flow in a structured manner. A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activities, enabled by the systematic organisation of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information. It can be depicted as a sequence of operations, declared as work of a person or group, an organisation or one or more simple or complex mechanisms.

For Lawyers

  • Share your Legal mind online and get paid! How it works?
  • Now Lawyers can go for cash less payments. Your SoOLEGAL registration allows you raise invoices to your clients and collect payments with reminder feature. See how it works?
  • Give Consultations and Legal Options OnLine and get paid. How?
  • No need to share your bank account number with your clients to receive payments. SoOLEGAL Calendar ( Link ) and its free . Manage your time and schedule efficiently. Keep track of your cases and Clients Share the Court dates & Court Log (tm) with your Associates and Clients. Download Legal Content Connect with other lawyers How?
  • Increase your Online presence 150 times and get more clients. How?
  • Share your Legal mind online and get paid! How it works?
  • Integrate your Social Media Circuit
  • Your SoOLEGAL is your official website with real time web stats and profile views

For Clients and End Users

  • 'ListMyCaseTM' anonymously on SoOLEGAL and we populate your requirement to the lawyers so that they get in touch with you. And you can pick the lawyer you want to assist you. See how it works?
  • Find the Right lawyer based on Practice Area and Location
  • Know your Lawyer before you hand over your case through Social media interactions
  • Make an appointment with the Lawyer on Phone or schedule meeting
  • Legal Content to help you understand your case, legal requirements
  • Pay Your lawyer online in secure way
  • Comment and ask question on the legal Content. We assure you it will answered
Interoperability© MGRM

The Interoperability framework within which the human dimensions inter operates is based on a natural principle which comprises of 4 layers-Prevention...

Human Dimension© MGRM

There is a clear need for individual lawyers and law firms to put more emphasis on demonstrating how the human dimension contributes value, given that the current...

New Features of

Link Document to My Profile

All documents that are free for download can be linked by the users to their respective profiles. There is no limit to the numbers of documents that registered users can link to their profile.


A registered user can mark any content as bookmark as far as it shows under the bookmark icon. The content marked by a registered user as bookmark will be displayed under the bookmark section on the dashboard.


Need a legal opinion, looking for a lawyer to represent your case, require a legitimate consultation for your lawsuit? Look no further... Welcome to ListMyCase©!

For Lawyers
Featuring The Calendar©

The Calendar© is embed in the Discovery Platform and is available to the registered users free of cost. Built on the principals of Artificial Intelligence the Calendar is designed around the work flow and daily schedule of Lawyers and members of the legal fraternity. The Calendar© helps improve productivity, increase efficiency and brings in seamless interaction with clients and associates leading to a SMART© Legal Practice.
SMART : Simple Moral Accountable Responsible Transparent

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Mobile App

Let us introduce our legal app designed for lawyers and Law Firms to access legal materials, keep a proper record of different cases and majorly attracting clients. The Calendar© Apps turns your Android phone into a digital diary. You can store all the case related information at one place to eliminate the maintenance of cumbersome spreadsheets.
We would love to hear from you in the form of suggestions to make further improvements on our app. The most useful and integrated suggestion from you will be mentioned on our page along with your name.

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  • Create free online portfolio
  • Online presence of your profile on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc
  • Transform your profile into an official web page
  • Link different social media accounts with your profile
  • Schedule appointment with clients
  • Establish and build relations with potential clients promptly
  • Most active members will be listed on the top and can easily be searched by clients
  • A simple, easy and hassle free way to maintain and update your profile
  • A common platform to interact with persons of the same fraternity
  • Legal updates through Legal News Headlines
  • Share your experience, views, opinions and research through "ROAR"
  • Give ideas and prompt views with "Thinking Aloud"

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