Dear Sir - My paternal uncle (father's real brother) was a divorcee, divorced by district court ruling in mid-1980s. His ex-wife and his daughter jointly (please note: his daughter was an adult/major aged…                                
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My brother living in USA got engaged with a girl in delhi one year back. Three months back the girl and her parents went to USA to finalise the marriage and also do the paperwork for the girl’s USA residency visa. 

Now , one week back the girl and her parents have called off the wedding and everything. The girl apparently…

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Dear Sir/Madam,

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I’m fed up with my wife because she’s creating fake problems and troubling issues with my old parents. 

Really she’s very very bed girl everyday she’s creating issues, my salary is 20 thousand per month but i can’t afford wife expenses because she need every 3,4 days new clothes and every months jewellery, She’s don’t do any work in my home…

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Issues with company matters. Need assistance in dissolution deed and settlement matters.

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In Leh ,jammu and kashmir,if young people want to marriage, only need marriage affidavit is ok? marriage certifacate need also or not thanks!

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My problem is regarding my book publisher. Can I talk to anyone about this?
I am an author who has written a book and got it published. I feel my publisher is mis representing sales or deliberately showing less sales. What are the legal recourses I have can anyone suggest?

Thank you

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A false fir was registered against me by a person against whom court ordered custodial interrogation by making his daughter as prosecutor while my medical is clear & even I have got many proofs which can prove that fir is false. 

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A joint family house in New Delhi - singly owned and used by our father along with all of his children  and their families as and when needed, till he passed away in 2008. One of our brothers and his family dis-allowed all his other siblings to enter in that house…

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Respected Sir/Madame,

I am a S/W engineer.  I am based out of Chennai.   Recently I got interested in going through the Constitution of Indian Union. I have one basic question regarding Article 14, 15 & 16 of the Constitution of Indian Union, which falls under the 'fundamental rights of the citizens of Indian Union' section.. These two articles describes…

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