SoOLEGAL C2RM is a hybrid CRM cum calendar management system for lawyers to manage client relationships, track matters & case hearing, schedule appointments and report on client, billing and case activities. This robust tool provides a comprehensive system that includes CRM, calendar management, case management, document management and integrated with SoOLEGAL MyFEE, the billing and invoicing e-payment system developed specifically for lawyers. C2RM is a result of nearly 7 years of in depth research and understanding of the legal profession, daily routine of lawyers across practices and courts, and overall requirements of the legal fraternity.

C2RM is an advanced, e-governance compliant, artificial intelligence powered tool that is driven by real-time analytics. The CRM component in C2RM is designed around a calendar interface, making it easy to use, simple, intuitive and practical. It is FREE for all registered lawyers of SoOLEGAL, and comes with the following basic features


Lawyer Workflow Automation

FREE Online Storage

E-mail & SMS Integration

Unlimited records

FREE Chat( Coming Soon )

FREE custom URL for lawyers

Launching soon! Client Portal for clients to access their case information.

Overall Features of C2RM are as follows:
  • Calendar management
    • - Schedule appointments
    • - Add next court hearing date
    • - Track client and court hearings in real time
    • - Share the court dates, upcoming court dates, court hearing log, next date of hearing with Clients and associates
  • Activity & task management
  • Schedule activities, tasks and track important deadlines
  • Notes
    • - Add notes / log to hearing
    • - Share with clients and peers and associates
  • Case Management
    • - One client, multiple cases - map multiple cases to a client
    • - Maintain client & case history
    • - Add a court date – record upcoming court hearing dates, court number, case number, opposing counsel details – and e-mail / SMS to client
    • - Record court case proceedings, persons appeared, documents presented etc
    • - Create minutes of meetings, enter call logs and send e-mail
  • E-mail Analytics
    • - Number of mails sent, bounced, opened, replied, deleted without opened
  • Centralized client database & contact management
  • Document and Records Management
    • - Upload case files, photo etc
    • - Create, search, retrieve, update case information
  • PDF conversion software for sending out your Legal Opinion/Consultation
  • Opinions & Legal Consultations
  • Expense Log in Hearing Log feature
  • Real-time synchronization between CRM, SL Calendar and SL Events for seamless calendar management of client appointments, court hearings, events and other important dates
  • Client home page ( coming soon )
  • Court Display Board - Cause List from over 100 courts in India
  • Dashboard alerts on upcoming activities
  • Options to boost client engagement
  • Mobile device ready
  • Social media integration
  • Event management
    • - Schedule event
    • - Online registration of participant
    • - Boost event announcement via e-mail/SMS