Mobile App
Mobile App

Let us introduce our new mobile app designed for Lawyers and Law Firms to keep a proper record of different cases and clients management. The Calendar© is embeded in the .com, a Discovery Platform for Law and it is available to the registered users for free of cost. The app is designed around the workflow and daily schedule of Lawyers, aimed to improve efficiency and productivity, App is the only app designed around the concept of "Zero Repetitive Work". The only App to manage multiple cases under a single client name. You can store all the case related information at one place to eliminate the maintaining multiple data locations. You can store all the case related information at one place to eliminate the maintenance of cumbersome spreadsheets.

  • Manage and record your calendar and time and keep the record of every meeting and court hearing
  • Keep a proper record of the court hearing dates with the respective client and case
  • Add next court hearing date on the day of court hearing itself
  • Fix up appointments with new and existing clients
  • Get important reminders
  • Add logs to court hearings and appointments for future reference
  • Share court hearing notes and log with clients and associates
  • Client Relationship Management tools embed in the App

We would love to hear from you in the form of suggestion to make further improvements on our app. The most helpful suggestion from you will be mentioned on our page along with your name.

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