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As per Google statistics available online, the chances of individual or company will look up for a lawyer of legal services profile before meeting the legal service professional in person in as high as 87%. There are 60 trillion indexed web pages on Google. How you as Legal Services Provider, Lawyer, an Advocate or a Law Firm attract new clients and use these Google statistics to your advantage? We at can show you how as we have cracked a way to use these numbers to work for you so that you get more clients and hence increase your practice. And we assure at least 25% increase over a sustained use over 4 months. Want to know how? Continue reading...

Someone looking for a legal service online will usually type Area of Practice and location (city name) in Google search as a normal procedure. If you have already made profile at .com, then our algorithms submit your profile under your name directly to the Google indexed pages. The advantage of over even your own website is that, based on your level of engagement and activities on the platform your name will feature in top ranking in all the search engines. When you make your profile on we ask you to fill up "Area of Practice" so that when user on Google is looking for a lawyer and you happen to be in the same area of practice then you will end up in being top 20 in the list. So for example if you have filled up your "Area of Practice" (AOP) as Immigration then based on your degree of engagement at the platform your name will feature top on the search engines. We at are building the largest community and platform on the WORLD WIDE WEB of advocates and Legal Professionals. We are building the largest database of documents and anything and everything about laws and Practice of Law in India.

Advantages of Getting Registered On :
  • Get access to the most advanced Calendar for Lawyers for free
  • Make your profile online and use the web address (of your choice as your official website)
  • Get access to largest data base of lawyers and advocates online
  • Learn about the latest in law practice trends in Resource Centre
  • Our Resource Centre provides free access of largest legal documents and drafts such as bare acts and country laws, draft pleadings, draft of deeds and agreements and many more online
  • Share orders given by Honorable Courts in the "Note Worthy Orders" section. Since all orders passed by a court are now part of the public domain, unless specifically made by a Court, therefore it is perfectly legal to let the world know the orders you'd obtain in the court as long as you provide the proper format. And the format is very legal. Even if there is an order that is passed by an Honorable Court and it relates to your area of practice, just upload it and we tag it under your name and profile so that a client searching for something related to it will get a hit to your name and read the order and you can add your two bits as footnote.

How to engage on the platform to get more clients

  • Register on ... And it's free!
  • Make your profile and complete your profile to at least 90%
  • Choose a profile page name, example:
  • Post your profile page link on your social media circuit such as Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc
  • Ask and let your friends click on your profile page on .com. Every time a person visits your profile page your Google Search rankings go up at least 20 counts (depending on the frequency of visits to your profile page)
  • Start writing and sharing post on ROAR (Research Opinions and Reviews). Comment on ROAR of other users online
  • Upload noteworthy court orders obtained by you or others orders related to area of practice on our “Note Worthy Orders” section and write briefly about your review of the order and how you can help others benefit from the order based on your understanding and interpretation of the order by a Judge. YESS it's legal! You can do this on .com only!
  • You also should add at least 5 documents in our Resource Centre such as Acts & Amendments, Legal Drafts and pleadings etc or other documents in our more than 50 heading to choose from. Every document or paper you add is accompanied by the link to your Profile and to your social media circuit. Every time a document may be searched on the entire internet by anyone your name will appear next to it along with your profile link on Google and other search engines as well
  • Use the Calendar App to update with technology to reach out to your existing clients in a smarter way. The Calendar App is designed to make you more efficient in and out of court. After all there no better publicity than word of mouth!

Our cutting edge technology embedded with Artificial Intelligence ensures that every time you engage at the Platform your uploads and contributions are submitted to top search engines so that you will be found by prospective clients and hence increase your practice.

The more you engage the more clients you can attract. Getting new client relevant to the order posted by you is more than 112% (we have statistics and algorithms to prove this!).

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