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SoOLEGAL - The largest private initiative in digital space for law in India

SoOLEGAL, an online discovery platform, is a comprehensive self-listing directory for lawyers and law firms providing legal services to citizens seeking legal counsel.

An e-governance compliant platform, SoOLEGAL has been, and is continuing to be incredibly successful in bringing all stakeholders involved under a common umbrella. The registration process has enabled an exhaustive database of users who are legally qualified to offer services as advocates, or simply as lawyers and advisors.

The platform, perhaps the largest private initiatives in Digital India in the legal space, has become the fastest growing online community of lawyers with a record 40 thousand plus registration in just three months.

With a mission to set standards in the digital space for law, SoOLEGAL is poised to shape the future of delivery of legal services and transform the legal landscape. Such an endeavour undertaken for the first time in recent Indian history, offers unparalleled opportunities to reform the legal sector in India by way of:

  • Improving access to justice for the common man.
  • Improving the quality of legal education available to the lower socio-economic classes.
  • Creating an environment wherein adequate legal empowerment of citizens is realistically possible.

The SoOLEGAL platform enables transformation at an individual and professional level.

As an information-sharing, interactive and transaction platform, SoOLEGAL is designed to transform the functional and operational approach of lawyers to align their practice more comprehensively with contemporary needs. The platform offers the legal fraternity an unmatched array of services. Among state of the art services offered on the platform, the major attractions include:

  • SoOLEGAL Payment System – a secure e-payment system launched for the first time for lawyers, it manages all invoicing (for consultation, retainership, client meeting, court hearing, etc.) and payment related services provided to existing and new clients. With the provision to centralize client database onto SoOLEGAL’s Payment System, the lawyers have the unique opportunity to streamline all their accounting and invoicing needs. With features such as client reminders on due/upcoming payments, automated alerts on pending payments, online receipts, SMS/email notifications, on successful transactions (both to the lawyer and client), generating account statements and more, this powerful payment system lets lawyers focus on what they do best – help get justice!
  • Note Worthy Orders – a section for lawyers to upload landmark court orders obtained by them or their peers that are related to their area of practice. Lawyers also have the provision to write their expert comments, review or synopsis of the order, simplifying the technical nuances and making it easy to understand for a common man.
  • SL Calendar App – an innovative, interactive mobile app designed around the daily work schedule of lawyers and advocates, with an objective to make client relation management an easy, effective and efficient process.
  • ROAR TM - an acronym for Research Opinions and Reviews, ROAR offers registered users a platform to build their thought leadership on legal matters. This engaging publication platform allows users to contribute by sharing publications, citations, research work, legal knowledge, documents, news, views, and opinions, and share their ROAR across different social media platforms.
  • SoOLEGAL Shop - from office supplies, legal books, security devices to personalized stationery and mementos, the SoOLEGAL Shop is a one stop shop for all professional shopping needs.
  • Events – an ideal platform to reach all or targeted audiences within the SoOLEGAL user base. Registered users can promote their events, seminars, conferences, symposiums, Moot Courts, felicitation ceremonies, recruiting, placement fairs, etc.
  • e-Resource Centre – powered by a state of the art knowledge management engine, the e-Resource Centre provides easy and free access to a plethora of legal documents, judgements, orders, etc.
  • SL App Store – a one stop destination for the community to search, discover, and shop for legal software, apps, online services, etc.

SoOLEGAL Payment System

For General & Consultation Invoicing & Payment Collection

We at SoOLEGAL recognize that a lawyer’s greatest asset is his legal mind. And his time, money!

A lawyer’s practice involves not just appearing in the courts, but also in giving consultations and opinions on legal matters of national, social and local importance. Even individuals seek out lawyers for opinions on their fresh or on-going cases. Lawyers may choose to provide such services on a paid or pro bono basis. The consultations are best conveyed when formally articulated on paper (or written digitally) and not just through meeting notes or small text/chat messages. Hence, a lawyer must also be able to archive and easily retrieve all recommendations given by him.

In addition, tracking in-coming payments, checking for upcoming payments, identifying pending payments, and most importantly, maintaining the accuracy of transactions impact the financial performance and client relationship of lawyers/law firms.

SoOLEGAL’s Payment System for General and Consultation Invoicing, the e-payment initiative launched for the first time for Lawyers, caters to all such commercial and document management needs. This e-payment system, developed on the basis of extensive research across the lawyer life cycle and client life cycle, is one-of-its-kind, wherein lawyers can get paid online for providing legal opinion, consultation and other services. With a provision to record/export existing client data and payment status in the platform, SoOLEGAL allows lawyers to centralize the client database and use its payment system for ongoing and new services being provided.

In the case of Consultations, the platform further allows lawyers the flexibility to create, copy/paste or even upload recommendations, with features such as automatic linking of file to the lawyer’s SoOLEGAL profile/account, tagging of files with client details/ID and collecting online payment for services rendered. The transactions are secure, with zero wait time and instant SMS/e-mail notifications on the successful transaction to both the lawyer and client.

With its unique payment system as one of its biggest differentiators, SoOLEGAL has emerged as a simple and secure medium for lawyers and clients to ensure timely and hassle-free payments. It serves as a win-win situation for both the parties – the client is assured of his professional advice / counsel and the lawyer is assured of his professional fee. The platform ushers in a new era of a structured process and standardization of payment collection for the legal fraternity.

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