Why GRIP for Law?

GRIP recognizes the role and power the legal fraternity plays in upholding the law and building the society. This is your chance to build a knowledge base for the benefit of every citizen across the globe. Empower every individual with information that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Your efforts will give them the opportunity to interact and transact with the information to serve their cause; ultimately leading to the transformation of the individual and eventually society as a whole.

GRIP the Benefits!

Your contributions on GRIP will help people live better lives by giving them easy, fast and relevant access to information that would shape their present and future.
GRIP is a valuable public resource. It is for the society, by the society and of the society.
This is your opportunity to actively engage for the greater, common good. When you give something to the society, you too in return will receive from it. Your journey as a GRIP Partner will give you:

  • Global audience – your content will be viewed by a public and professionals world over
  • Sense of purpose – your efforts will be serving a greater cause, ultimately leading to social development and even economic growth
  • Professional endorsements – recognition and credits on SoOLEGAL platform, online promotion of profile


How to GRIP?

GRIP utilizes SoOLEGAL’s scientifically indexed section, the Resource Centre, to publish legal documents uploaded by registered users. Documents are made available for FREE for all!

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There is no greater professional calling than to stand as a lawyer at the bar of justice and breathe life into the constitution by representing, affirming and protecting the rights of the citizen of your country.

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