SoOLEGAL Enterprise Services (SES)

SoOLEGAL Enterprise Services (SES) are Intranet/Cloud-based ecosystem of tools and apps specifically catering to the operational needs of law firms and legal professionals. SES integrates with SoOLEGAL’s productivity apps and other tools and offers several compelling features such as workflow management, calendar management, document indexing, and storage to name a few.

Currently, the following enterprise services can be availed by law firms



Enterprise Mobile App

Enterprise Resource Centre

Enterprise Document Central

Enterprise Resource Centre

Get your digital assets under control!

Most law firms use common file sharing and storage tools to manage, track, store and collaborate documents. However, at an enterprise level, an ideal environment for law firms requires documents to be indexed in a manner that would make accessing, searching, retrieving, and sharing documents easy, fast and secure with co-workers and clients.

SoOLEGAL’s Enterprise Resource Centre (ERC) is a first of its kind digital repository with an in-built indexing system for the legal profession. ERC centralizes all documents of the organization and provides role-based (admin, partner, senior associate, etc.) and document level access (view, delete etc.). One of the best features of the ERC is its ability to maintain a log of access–a complete audit trail of who accessed, what, when and from where.

    Features :

  • Built-in Indexing
  • Built-in search engine
  • Compatible with large number of file types
  • Security permission for user access
  • Upload documents
  • Upload documents scanned with antivirus engine
  • (File) Version tracking


  • Password protected files
  • Supports all platforms - Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux
  • End-to-end, secured database & file encryption
  • Private encryption
  • Automatic back-up
  • Audit trail

Yet another first for the legal fraternity is SoOLEGAL’s MyFEE, the secure e-payment system designed specifically for invoicing and payment collecting needs of lawyers and law firms. With the provision to centralize client database onto SoOLEGAL’s Payment System, the lawyers have the unique opportunity to streamline all their accounting and invoicing needs. With features such as client reminders on due/upcoming payments, automated alerts on pending payments, online receipts, sms/email notifications on successful transactions (both to the lawyer and client), generating account statements and more, this powerful payment system lets lawyers focus on what they do best help get justice!

    Features :

  • Invoicing
  • Online Payment Collection
  • Batch Invoicing options
  • Advance payment collection system

SoOLEGAL’s C2RM is a hybrid CRM and calendar management system for lawyers to manage client relationships, track matters & case hearing, schedule appointments and report on client, billing and case activities. This robust tool provides a comprehensive system that includes CRM, calendar management, case management, document management and is integrated with SoOLEGAL’s MyFEE, the billing and invoicing e-payment system. C2RM is an advanced, e-governance compliant, artificial intelligence powered tool that is driven by real-time analytics. The CRM component in C2RM is designed around a calendar interface, making it easy to use, simple, intuitive and practical.

    Features :

  • Lawyer workflow automation
  • Centralized client database & contact management
  • FREE online storage
  • E-mail & SMS Integration
  • Unlimited records


  • FREE Chat
  • Mobile device ready
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Reporting engine

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