Unpaid invoices – Unresponsive client – Unrealised revenue

"Collect MyFEE" is exclusive payment collection service for collecting your professional fee for your clients for registered users of SoOLEGAL.com

As soon as the SoOLEGAL panel receives a request for payment collection, a payment representative is assigned to the payment from client's home / office.

The service is currently available in Delhi/NCR.

How It Works

Generate Invoice from MyFEE

Request Payment Collection

Automatic Credit of Payment


Collection status at EOD

Collection status at EOD

Payment collected vs Deposited
Payment collected vs Pending
Attempted vs Returned
Consolidated view

Process to track your payments

Robust technology & process
to track your payments

100% transparency in field transactions

100% transparency in field transactions

Quality service levels

Quality service levels

Within 24hrs of receiving the request, payment representatives call clients
Proper documentation and client communication logs