Palak Kundra 22 Jan 2018 6:43pm
What About Real Padmavati's?????
1580 1 0
HATS OFF TO KARNI SENA!!!!   Our respected Karni Sena Leaders and Supporters are raising their voice against a movie PADMAVAT, named on a dignified queen Padmavati. This sena is fighting for the dignity of a martyred woman who did sacrificed herself, she did jauhar ceremony to save herself from a barbaric muslim king, Alauddin Khilji. It’s very…
Palak Kundra 19 Dec 2017 5:40pm
domestic violence is at peak---Bleeding Queens Shares An Incident!
1158 0 0
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS ON THE PEAK Writing something on a paper to bring change is something far more easy than to face that incident live, in front of you. All that abusive language, all that nagging, name-calling, character assassination of a woman by her owner, or I must tag him as HUSBAND. It’s horrible when a man says that her wife is her property.…
Palak Kundra 5 Nov 2017 10:18pm
Bleeding Queens--- Is Woman Merely A Body?
1175 0 0
Bleeding Queens-- Is Woman Merely A Body? So horrible that even a 100 year old grandmother is not safe in India. On Oct 30, she was lying on her bed, unable to walk or cry or even call out for help, she was raped by a drunken psychopath. Before anyone could hear her, she, a grandmother, had lost all her dignity and even her life. Only because…
Palak Kundra 25 Oct 2017 12:32am
Bleeding Queens--Raping wife above 18 is legal???
1448 1 0
Bleeding Queens --- Raping wife above 18 is legal???Definitely, SC judges need best Psychiatric of the world because their October verdict on "rape of underage is illegal", says that all!!! Really???Since this world has been made, only the women are the ones who suffered most and there had been no big women revolution in India, that could have…
Palak Kundra 4 Oct 2017 6:00pm
Bleeding Queens Right To Privacy
1237 0 0
You know when I came to know about this new right, i.e. Right To Privacy, I wonder what it means?Firstly, let's check out what rights women are enjoying only in India, not talking about the world.Right to take birth - - - -Starting from the birth, as far as I know rates of a girl child birth are still on that same decreasing stage. In rural areas,…
Palak Kundra 16 Sep 2017 1:04pm
What is BC - before christ or behan****?
3197 0 0
Why ‘BC’ only in the name of women????You know since childhood, I knew a word BC, as Before Christ. But when I started using social media, I got a new meaning of BC i.e. Behan****, don't have that strength to spit it out. Why and who introduced this abusive slang to the internet and for what good it has done so far, is my question? So far, most of…
Palak Kundra 13 Sep 2017 9:00pm
Bleeding Queens - - bleeding princesses!
1326 0 0
Bleeding Queens - - bleeding princesses!Should I wait for the sands to fall?Or should I respond to the callcoming from there, so near,so close to my ailing soul?A few lines from Alok Mishra’s“Classic Dilemma”I was wondering what people are waiting for now?May be this demonicity to reach more heights somehow!We must wait for that day when we'll read…
Palak Kundra 5 Sep 2017 12:26am
Bleeding Queens - - - when they bounce back
2275 1 0
BLEEDING QUEENS ----WHEN THEY BOUNCE BACK…….Every now and then, people blow their candles up, gather their courage for a while, write fiery slogans to stand against another brutal and heinous crime i.e. RAPE, happened somewhere and left one more NIRBHAYA, half-dead struggling for life and justice. But, eventually, their candles melt down. After that,…

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