Bleeding Queens - - - when they bounce back
Palak Kundra 5 Sep 2017

Bleeding Queens - - - when they bounce back


Every now and then, people blow their candles up, gather their courage for a while, write fiery slogans to stand against another brutal and heinous crime i.e. RAPE, happened somewhere and left one more NIRBHAYA, half-dead struggling for life and justice.

But, eventually, their candles melt down. After that, there are more of those Nirbhayas, from a six-month baby-girl to an adult woman, from a housewife or a daughter to a college going girl or an owner of a reputed company. Some get noticed and others fade into the darkness around, given the fate of oblivious. Everybody is busy and then no more candle march, no more revolution. So when we’re going to be free from this devil named “RAPE”, and HOW?

Before we get into that, as a society, we certainly have to do enough of the introspection. Is it all about rape? Is it all the problem? Well, it’s just not rape that needs to be tackled, many other crimes against women are on the verge. Domestic rape, name-calling, verbally-mentally-physically, either inside or outside walls made by this man-made society. May be many women have struggled and sailed through it bravely but still, many of them keep their mouth shut.

But what if a victim is given a way…

The girl-hero of my story isn’t coward or weak. “Diljit Kaur” is a middle-class girl with wings that want to fly above the dark clouds. Her inspiration is an actress who’s stolen hearts around the world in a few years… Deepika Padukone. Diljit’s family is giving her enormous support, love and respect that every girl in India who wants to achieve something, expects from the family. Her father, Harbans Singh, mother—Kulwant Kaur, and brother-Karanveer are always thankful to God that they have been blessed with a daughter and sister respectively. Living with that belief of Swami Vivekanand:

“Jis desh mei Aurat ka smaan nahi hota, us desh ka kabhi kalyaan nahi hota.”

Karanveer, Diljit’s brother, not only love and respect her but admires her, as had been taught. His mentality was encouraged in such a way that he had learnt how to respect women - be it in his sister, his mother, his in-laws or anyone else. That’s why their brother-sister bond didn’t get affected when this devilish monster of  Rape, tore down her sister Diljit brutally and noxiously. Her best friend, Rohit also was devastated with this but the love for Diljit never hold him back. Their celebration for loving-life, family, friends, happiness, achievements ended in a moment because four men wanted to have fun with an innocent girl’s body. “Just For Fun”, Diljit got raped for hours and then left to die till her last breath. Her father got killed, mother got shattered by that accident. But the admiration and respect in his heart for Diljit encouraged Karanveer, to wake her up, to train her, make her bounce back. Rohit also stood beside her to support and bring her self-esteem back. To snatch back that had been demonically stolen from her. Her dignity, innocence, smiles and her physical self-love. It took a while to bring her conscious back but she definitely took her revenge and killed all four heinous men, one by one and tried to live a better life with love and family. 

But how many get saved with support?

How many cherish life?

This is the only crime that leaves the victim traumatized even after the culprits get punished. And what punishment do they get? 10 years of jail? One or two out of them get a death sentence. And that disrespect for women still prevails. No fear of punishment can be seen. Before and From 16 December 2012 “NIRBHAYA”, a Delhi girl till 4 July 2017 “GUDIA”, a Shimla girl, nothing’s changed but the way rapists kill their new victim. From uneducated-educated, Ram & his friends to Rajinder Singh & his friends, both of this culprit-gang, age no bar did that only for one reason---FUN!
Laws are made after Nibhaya but implementation wasn’t stronger and harder.
Someone told me that even men get abused and file complaints but no one listens as who will trust a boy over a girl. But if this is it, then why there’s no incident happened in India till date in which a boy had been raped cruelly and killed brutally by some drunken girl-gang, and that too - JUST FOR FUN? What are they waiting for?

May be women know the intensity of the pain of being touched without consent. Maybe women are not that coward to ruin some man’s self-respect, just to get a few hours of satisfaction. 
The accused of Nirbhaya’s case said this in 2013, after the arrest…
“Death sentence will only worsen the situation. Next time when some people gang-rape a girl, they’ll kill her at once, to avoid nuisances like candle-march and protests. This will only end when girls will start offering themselves without the struggle.”

And since then, girls are being beaten to death afterwards.
In my words,

“If she manages to live, regain consciousness and becomes brave enough, she should be given the right to choose their punishment and make them feel the pain as they did to her body and soul.”

                                    Palak Kundra
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