What About Real Padmavati's?????
Palak Kundra 22 Jan 2018

What About Real Padmavati's?????



Our respected Karni Sena Leaders and Supporters are raising their voice against a movie PADMAVAT, named on a dignified queen Padmavati. This sena is fighting for the dignity of a martyred woman who did sacrificed herself, she did jauhar ceremony to save herself from a barbaric muslim king, Alauddin Khilji. It’s very brave on her part!!!

But, Karni Sena forgot that Padmavati sacrificed herself for the sake of her dignity, did jauhar, and it is definitely not an easy sacrifice to do.

But what about the Real Padmavati’s of Rajasthan?

Did Karni Sena forget them?

Rajasthan stood 3rd in Rape cases in India and that’s very APPLAUSABLE, indeed!

From a 13 yr to a woman sleeping outside her house, from a teenager to an old lady, Rajasthan is getting attention because of the Rape crisis rising highly. But, Krani Sena, the renowned, respected Rajputs of Rajasthan Sena, doesn’t seem worried about the girls, or women alive. Instead they’re fighting, raging for a long-gone Maharani.

I ask Krani Sena, “don’t you have anything important to do? HAVE SOME SHAME!!”

There’re many issues throughout India as well as in Rajasthan, which need attention and solution.

Showing their rage against a director who tried to show to world what a brave woman did to save her respect and others too, seems like Karni Sena wants attention or a way into the political realm. Of course, if Karni Sena succeeds in proper ban on the movie “PADMAVAT (earlier name was ‘Padmavati’)”, it’ll get number of votes to stand in next election and might win it easily.

But that can be done by raging and raising voice against the word RAPE that is growing in state of Rajputs, or I would rather add, in the state of Brave Rani PADMAVATI.

Her soul will be more happy and satisfied if Karni Sena will fight for the right issue.

If each and every member/volunteer of Karni Sena vows against the growing demons of Rape and act up against it.

If Karni Sena raises voice for the dignity of the women alive, living in their state and country, that will definitely help their head leaders to win hearts as well as seats without any trouble.

Instead, by pointing fingers on Sanjay Leela Bhansali for making a movie on such a brave sacrifice, and after so much cuts by Sensor Board and Supreme Court Of India, Karni Sena must let our generation to watch what does woman power mean.

Let our boys or males with filthy, heinous minds, filled with cheap, barbaric mentality that forces them to rape all queens or BLEEDING QUEENS, from a 3 months old or a 100 yr old and then, butchers them to slow undignified death, must watch this movie and see what a woman with strong will and respect for her creed and honor can do.

Padmavati was not just a Queen who sacrificed, she was a warrior too, a dedicated wife too, an honored Queen with so many followers who would kill for her, but for a good cause!

Not as Karni Sena is raising issue out of nothing!

To attain power, Karni Sena is not going against only SC, or Sanjay Leela Bhansali, this Sena is making fool of itself. As no matter what, movie will be released on 25th January 2018 as given clean chit by SC and Sensor Board. And will be the biggest blockbuster.

I would rather suggest Karni Sena that stop doing this shit, go and watch their own glorified Rajput reign in a new way.

And to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, just wait and watch. You’re a good director and done best till now to attach Indians to roots. And with this movie, you’ll get more respect and likes. This Karni Sena is just adding up to the publicity of their group as well as “PADMAVAT”.

Good Luck!!!



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