Bleeding Queens - - bleeding princesses!
Palak Kundra 13 Sep 2017

Bleeding Queens - - bleeding princesses!

Bleeding Queens - - bleeding princesses!

Should I wait for the sands to fall?

Or should I respond to the call

coming from there, so near,

so close to my ailing soul?

A few lines from Alok Mishra’s

“Classic Dilemma”

I was wondering what people are waiting for now?

May be this demonicity to reach more heights somehow!

We must wait for that day when we'll read this act to be performed more heinously. You know, may be, a baby in her mother's womb and to check out whether a girl or a boy is inside, they'd might cut her womb and then check properly by going more further. It's just imagination but whatever is going around all of us, pointing to that kind of world. Parents send their kids to school to learn, play and make friends. Unknowingly, they become bait of these worse creatures definitely not being made by God. As they say "bache bhagwan ka Roop hote hain." So, it can be said that God is unassisted now. 

Let’s analyze - -

In prehistoric age, There were no clothes and every human wandered naked. So, are clothes a problem? No? Then what? Most rapists and sex addicts say that their victim was wearing provoking clothes. As far as I remember, NIRBHAYA also was wearing full clothes on that cold night of 2012. And 5yr school girl kid or a 2yr old toddler dress cannot be considered in that provoking section. Former can wear a school uniform and latter, a diaper.

So, is school uniform the problem and a diaper too? 

I'm horrified with this thought only that a 5yr or a toddler didn't even know what was being done to her and why? In both cases, they could have felt pain, might had tried to shout or cry, but their mouth had also been shut like others. But we'll protest, don't worry! And we'll also do candle marches, we'll raise voices. But till we die. No action will be taken. Why don't those people, who burnt down the public property and created so much nuisance when a religious baba Ram Rahim was punished for he actually is, a rapist a murderer, Raise their voices now when a 5yr or 2yr got raped. Now, nobody's the time, right? Then, I would rather prefer our government that please ban the girl child birth. Let all be blessed with boys only. Let them rape their own Creed! Then, this man made, filthy minded patriarchal society, will feel the pain of being raped! And after girl child birth be banned, may be one day, our mothers and grandmothers will be these rapists next bait, if we didn't do now, Nothing. And then, a few males who respect women, will wake up and start a serious kind of real revolution or war against all rapists, to save the remaining women Creed. They'll fight literally and every rapist will get killed in that war as, “GOOD TRIUMPHS OVER EVIL”

At Least, then there'll be a SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!

But why don't we fight war against rape, rapists and their mentality, Now? You know a real war!


Karnataka: Man rapes toddler in Belagavi district, tries to bury her alive

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