Bleeding Queens--Raping wife above 18 is legal???
Palak Kundra 25 Oct 2017

Bleeding Queens--Raping wife above 18 is legal???

Bleeding Queens --- Raping wife above 18 is legal???

Definitely, SC judges need best Psychiatric of the world because their October verdict on "rape of underage is illegal", says that all!!!


Since this world has been made, only the women are the ones who suffered most and there had been no big women revolution in India, that could have given a common housewife/woman so much powers that she can bounce back. 

When her husband beats her to death, to satisfy his male ego.

When her husband rapes her, even if she says 'no'.

When her husband applause himself, to be her owner.

She doesn't posses any powers, nobody offers her help and 

'cherry on the cake' of male ego and hunger for her body,

SC gave this verdict that RAPE under age of 18 is illegal...and above it...WHAT????

What above 18??? Who's going to listen to, help those women???

Definitely, that matter comes under domestic violence. but everybody does know how much laws are properly been implemented regarding domestic violence and rape.

As far as a male's point of view,

whether he's a father of a two year old or twenty year old,

whether he drinks or not, whether he beats her or not,

whether she's willing to or not..

A husband is the owner of his wife's body!!!

That's it!

No SC, No Police, No Society can interfere in his personal life.

His life, His ego, His house, His wife...and His hunger!!!

What's hers , then?? 

If a girl under the age of 18 has forcibly been raped, that's illegal and when a woman who has the capacity and wisdom to speak out, stand out, has rights to raise her being raped for so long, no laws are strongly and strictly applied on her husband and proofs are needed, to tell our respective SC , that  "YES, SHE'S A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC RAPE".

She needs Proofs like---

while living with her vicious husband ---

she's been raped daily...

she's been beaten daily....

she's been traumatized daily...

What exactly SC wants ...that every woman first must install hidden cameras in her house, (if she can)

Then, file a case after having proofs....hahaha!

Nearly 2.3 crore child brides and what about those above 18 years of age? Approximately, over 20 thousand unreported cases of domestic rape of above 18....UNREPORTED.  Figures are much more Higher!

If without consent of his wife, a man sexually abuses her...that is matter what!!!!!!!

Our dear SC, i give you an idea. Why don't you start a "DCIP" get proofs directly, without tempering 

by a female victim/wife, and then declare such judgments/laws. May be then, SC judges might get to know ....

RAPE is RAPE, whether of a GIRL_BRIDE under 18 OR  of a MOTHER of two grown-ups.

Oh, by the way, with DCIP...i meant "DOMESTIC CAMERA INSTALLATION PROJECT"!!!



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