Bleeding Queens--- Is Woman Merely A Body?
Palak Kundra 5 Nov 2017

Bleeding Queens--- Is Woman Merely A Body?

Bleeding Queens-- Is Woman Merely A Body?


So horrible that even a 100 year old grandmother is not safe in India. On Oct 30, she was lying on her bed, unable to walk or cry or even call out for help, she was raped by a drunken psychopath. Before anyone could hear her, she, a grandmother, had lost all her dignity and even her life. Only because she was a woman!

Or else I can now say, “ONLY A BODY!”

Recently, in Vishakhapatnam, a homeless lady had openly been raped and no one passing by had stopped to help her. No one even tried to ward off that vicious man from her. She was crying, calling out for help but some were making videos, some were just watching and most didn’t care. Some were enjoying it and others behaved as audience. This heinous deed was visible to even all gods but human! That rapist was tearing her apart, but no one was a bit disturbed with that accident.

What a shame, that people can help a stray Dog or Cat or Cow but not a WOMAN!!!


The hatred for Nirbhaya’s rapists still infuriates everyone. No one wanted that to happen again. But that wasn’t the END, that was the start to distort, disrespect and brutally go limitless with the word RAPE. 

Everyone, now knows that daily toll has risen over 92 rapes/day, including reported/unreported and that too heinously, and more barbarically.

From 6 men to 23 men, from neighbor to father, no relation is worth trusting now!

But, my question----

Are we all being used to this?

Taking it as casual as days and nights?

Or rather I must say that humanity is dead!!!!!

Yes, it is! From a 21 months old girl baby to a 100 year grandmother, from where the life starts to where it ends, women are just being used as slaves. As bodies! As merely a fun-thing!

No one is raising questions to the government.

No one is acting with hard measures against this demon of Rape. Everyone is just waiting for some “Akaashwani”, I think!

May be words from Satan this time,

“tum logo ne to muje bhi sharminda kar diya!”

If Swami Vivekanand said if a country does not give respect to women, it can’t get respect as well.

Then, what we should call our country now.

Respected India or HELL!!!!

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