What is BC - before christ or behan****?
Palak Kundra 16 Sep 2017

What is BC - before christ or behan****?

Why ‘BC’ only in the name of women????

You know since childhood, I knew a word BC, as Before Christ. But when I started using social media, I got a new meaning of BC i.e. Behan****, don't have that strength to spit it out. Why and who introduced this abusive slang to the internet and for what good it has done so far, is my question? So far, most of the abuses are being used in the name of women. Why there are no abuse, directly, in the name of men? Why after so much pain of Labour and so much care of everyone, a woman only gets these kinds of abusive rewards?
We talk about domestic violence in which these kind of slangs are very common mainly in rural areas. Even while trolling on the net, this word is used even after a good quote or saying.
Whosoever has invented it, wasn't doing any good for women and children.
 Even when I was schooling, “kutta-kamina”, was prohibited. But these slangs are a hindi meaning of sisterf*****/motherf*****. An English word dates back at least to the late 19th century, with a Texas court in 1889 recording a defendant being called a "Goddamn mother-fucking, bastardly son-of-a-bitch”. Then, it widely spread afterwards. But when came to India, was translated into more and most lowly used words. But all in the name of women. In every possible way, it's seems disrespectful for women. But not only a sixty years old but also a small kid is using it like hell.
But why it was not fatherfucker or son of a dog, or something else?
And if we're using/adapting English language, their clothing culture, their food culture etc etc, why not we adapt  freedom and equality and their mental build which secure rights for women. We must do that also! Why do our government not also make strict laws against rape and domestic violence, crimes against women and children as they do?
And any hindi language book written so far, doesn't consist of such word… BC. At Least, I've not read it. And what's the lesson in this slang? Already women are suffering utmost, and it adds more to their sufferings!

A woman gives birth to a girl or boy. But this slang, this abuse, is a black mark on her name, without no mistakes or wrongs done from her side. An abuse in the name of a woman backfires directly to one's own mother, sister, or any other lady in the house. But still is being commonly used. No laws, no punishment for this. Even on Internet, on social media, no one asks a ban on it. No parents, no teacher, no NGO and no leader raises a voice against this.
It's been written in guru Granth sahib ji
“sau kou manda aakhiye, jit jme rajaan!”

That means, the one who gives birth to the kings, why call her bad?

Asking the same question to our society?
Either answer or ban this abuse with strict law enforcement. There must be a strict punishment for this act, not merely on papers but must be visible socially. Isn't that moral right to get respect for what we're women. At least, by stopping abuses in the name of women?

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