domestic violence is at peak---Bleeding Queens Shares An Incident!
Palak Kundra 19 Dec 2017

domestic violence is at peak---Bleeding Queens Shares An Incident!


Writing something on a paper to bring change is something far more easy than to face that incident live, in front of you. All that abusive language, all that nagging, name-calling, character assassination of a woman by her owner, or I must tag him as HUSBAND.

It’s horrible when a man says that her wife is her property. He gives her clothes, food and shelter and that’s why, he’s got all the rights to scratch her body the way he likes. May it ….



Marital Rape

Or Abusive behavior

No one, no law can stop him!!!


That happened yesterday when someone very close to me, in friend circle got into this trouble of domestic violence where at the age of 45, her husband only wants her to be her sex-slave, because he wants it.

That lady has two daughters, aged 18 and 14, and belongs to a very good background, a middle-class family. Going to malls for shopping and movie, spending good amount on education and living in a good house in a good area.

Problem arose almost six years back when that lady got her seventh abortion as her husband’s urge for a boy. Her body aches increased after that too much. She stopped thinking of taking another risk but her husband kept on pushing her to this situation where her body is denying everything now.


A woman’s body does also have limits but man like her husband, doesn’t agree to that. He kept on beating her, torturing her and instead of talking to someone or taking someone’s help, she always kept her mouth because in her views,

“meri do betiyan hain, agar baat ghar se bahar gyi to badnaami hogi!”


And that encouraged her husband more that he started bringing unknown women at her house, in her absence. And whenever he got caught by her parents and well-wishers, his answer was ….

“She cannot have sex with me because now she’s useless and me being a man, can do anything and no one can stop me!”


I always thought that those stories of these kind, I read or listen are biased on man’s side. But while it was happening to my closest, I was shocked that…


Yes …this is real!!!!


Still, his words about his wife, mother of his two girls, giving me “what the hell” king of feeling and I wanted to slap him when he said all that shit about that lady who is very religious and socially praised. Her house is cleaner more than mine, honestly! Her girls have more etiquette. And both of the girls are very intelligent.

But problem is............They’re Girls!


Still, this problem remotely exists where the bread-winner is the god and everyone else, his slave.


No matter what the woman in the house does for him, he only wants her for his own needs, but not hers!

And no one comes for her help because she always thinks for the betterment of  other’s future whereas her own present is more than HELL.


Well, in her case, she is being guided now with the help of family and friends.

But the question remains,

“How many get that HELP???”

Most of these kind of incidents don't get reported...Mainly!!!

And women suffering domestic violence don't even tell or discuss but keep on suffering with a smile on their faces as they don't have anywhere else to go.



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