Bleeding Queens Right To Privacy
Palak Kundra 4 Oct 2017

Bleeding Queens Right To Privacy

You know when I came to know about this new right, i.e. Right To Privacy, I wonder what it means?

Firstly, let's check out what rights women are enjoying only in India, not talking about the world.

Right to take birth - - - -

Starting from the birth, as far as I know rates of a girl child birth are still on that same decreasing stage. In rural areas, elders mainly those who believe a man as the bread and breath of a family, hardly let a girl child to be born. And this female foeticide is still happening on large scale, unrecorded and unstated! Even after, girls succeeding in most areas of life; practical and social, getting medals for country and making everyone proud, the larger number of people don't want a girl to be born before a boy. Abortions are still at large!

Right to freedom - -Really? Freedom of what?

Even in this insta twitter age, girls are not allowed to have boys as friends, for obvious reasons, they still can't choose their own husband, (arranged marriages, most of time, suffocates a woman). 

Woman can't choose to dress or they'll get raped and even if they wear Burqa, they'll get raped then too, as a rapist has nothing to do with her clothes.

They can't go outside at night, that too for obvious reasons.

They have to face domestic violence that includes verbal abuse, physical violence, rape by husband, name-calling etc. And still our religion tells her that her husband is her PATI PARMESHWAR. And she's to be her slave, without raising her voice, by sacrificing all she has, her dreams, visions, thoughts; till her last breath.

I am talking about many who're still going through all this, not about those few who raised their voices, succeeded and enjoyed the right to freedom. I know women who earn more than their husbands but still don't have the right to spend a single penny from their own hard-earned income. And still are a victim of domestic violence.

Coming back to the right - - - Right To Privacy

If a woman can't enjoy the right to freedom that includes most rights, how can she has Right To Privacy?

AND for men, right to privacy means, in simple lines,  " This is my phone if talking to his girlfriend while being a father of two kids, or making plans to chase a girl,or to rape her with friends, OR this is my family matter if a man is beating his wife, disrespecting his parents or doing anything inside his house."

Every word of this Right To Privacy, ends with "this is my matter, Stay out of it!" mainly for MEN! And it's happening that people are using it in a wrong way... Like a dialogue from Damini...

" Agar ek kanoon bnta hai jurm ko rokne ke liye to dus raaste ban jate hai use todne ke liye! "

Woman don't need just laws, or rights now, they need to be listened to. Women need respect first, from our very own society.

Then there'll be a enjoyment for them, with the right to live. And all rights included!!!!

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