amit pathak 12 Nov 2018
Why and How You Should Consider Consulting a Lawyer Online
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Facing a lawsuit? Going through a divorce? Experiencing discrimination in the workplace? Launching a startup? In any of these situations or others that requires legal assistance, you may possibly consider hiring a lawyer to represent your interests. But, you don’t necessarily need to hire a lawyer to get the needed legal support. Especially, at times,…
Anuj Malhotra 4 Nov 2018
Ten Tips for Junior Lawyers
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In big law firms, partners traditionally bring in the work; senior associates manage the work; and junior associates do the work. When new partners are promoted they must acquire a whole new skillset. They have to market themselves and build client relationships without really knowing how, as this was not part of their job before they were promoted.We…
Bhumesh Verma 2 Nov 2018
Ease of Doing Business - India takes a giant leap
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In this Diwali season, there’s something more to cheer about India and its economy.The Ease of Doing Business Report 2019 (‘Report’) released by the World Bank manifests India’s massive jump in the rankings by securing 77th rank as against 100th rank in the last year’s report.  On the points indicator, India has improved the scoring to 67.23 from…
Apply Legal 31 Oct 2018
97 0 0 A one stop place to all your Legal, financial and Compliances need
Charanjeet Kaur 30 Oct 2018
Can #MeToo Allegations expressed on social media sites be Legally Viable?
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The #MeToo movement has created quite a stir across the Indian entertainment and media industry. The year-old movement that has long failed to take root in India has today become one of the most important conversations to come out of 2018 so far.But are the accusations under the #MeToo campaign — mostly expressed on the social media sites — legally…
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Diamond Industry - Loss of jobs About 20% of Surat’s diamond workers — nearly one lakh people — could lose their jobs over the next six months, Economic Times reports. The reasons range from the government’s recent move to raise import duty on diamonds and tighter norms for getting loans to the rupee devaluation. “A lot of diamonds which used to come…
Trademarkclick .com 23 Oct 2018
Shahi Litchi of Bihar successfully achieves the GI tag
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The director of the National Research Centre on Litchi confirmed that Bihar’s Shahi Litchi has successfully bagged the Geographical Indication (GI) tag and has added to the glory of Bihar after Katrani rice, Jardalu mango and Magahi paan (betel vine).  All these products now have the GI tag which indicates that the product possesses certain qualities…
Bhumesh Verma 18 Oct 2018
Data localisation row in India - what and why
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Data localization is the prospect of physical data storage and preservation within the borders of a specific country where the data is generated.In an attempt to keep a track of all the data related to the regional transactions of all companies - the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made it mandatory for the companies conducting business in India to…
Michel Smith 16 Oct 2018
The Responsibility of Association Leaders
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You want to found an association and become the leader? It is very important to find out about your future liability regime.  In certain circumstances, your liability may be incurred and thus harm your association and reputation. Find all our explanations.The civil liability of association leadersAssociation leaders are mandataries within…
Harshit Chugani 3 Oct 2018
The Economic Impact of Counterfeiting
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The grey market consisting of fakes/counterfeits/lookalikes/ infringements, causes major loss in every sector of the industry, and the ripples are widespread to every strata of the economy. The most noticeable effects are centred on two parameters—lost sales of the manufacturer and effect on public taxes-as most of the manufacturers in the grey zone…
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