Bhumesh Verma 22 May 2019

Certificate of Practice for Insolvency Professionals
Ever since the implementation of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), qualified Insolvency Professionals (IP) have garnered a vital role in the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP). As a matter of fact, IPs are among the most important intrinsic parts of the entire CIRP ecosystem for the company facing IBC proceedings.With the intent…
Prof.(Dr.) Priya

Protection against Matrimonial Cruelty under Section 498-A of Indian Penal Code: Shield or Weapon
Protection against Matrimonial Cruelty under Section 498-A of Indian Penal Code: Shield or Weapon
Bhumesh Verma 21 May 2019

Quit India movement by Indian millionaires
A new sort of Quit India movement seems to be in vogue.League of Millionaires plays an important part in the economic development of any nation (developed, developing and underdeveloped) and to fortify the socio-economic standards of the nation by bridging the economic inequalities amid all sections of the society. India is no exemption to the…
Saibal Mukherjee 20 May 2019

Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs
The DOJ’s Guidance document dated April 2019 on “The Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs,” is a contextual analysis of the ‘comprehensiveness’ of an effective corporate compliance program. Even though such Compliance Programs are appraised individually there are common parameters.The Guidance emphasize “the comprehensiveness of the Compliance…
Saibal Mukherjee 17 May 2019

We are biased. Artificial Intelligence is not.
We are all biased. From the time we are born we are conditioned through various lenses. Upbringing is often clouded by the garb of traditions, customs, and entrenched in bias ranging and varying from race, gender, ideology, caste, color, creed, community, class, jobs, wealth, culture, work, religion, human anatomy and human intelligence.Machines…
Bhumesh Verma 17 May 2019

Separating Chairman / Managing Director positions - a challenge for corporates
From the business / management perspective, the two top posts of the Chairman and the Managing Director are very vital in any organization. Most of the executive powers may be concentrated in one or both of these positions.Therefore, a state of conflict of interest may arise on concentration of powers associated with chairman and managing director…
Bhumesh Verma 16 May 2019

Government arming minority shareholders by funding class action suits
Minority shareholders are the foremost/worst victims of any unofficial/illegal/fraudulent act of the company management or majority shareholders.There are certain existing laws which accord protection to legal rights/monetary interest of the minority investors. However, enforcement of these rights requires litigation or other legal proceedings - lack…
Bhumesh Verma 15 May 2019

US companies to prefer India over China?
Since the Indian economy was opened up for foreign investment in early 1990s, India is considered as a land of untapped business opportunities – the view has been consistently strengthened by progressive legal / business reforms embarked on by the central government. As a result, India has emerged as one of most favorable nations for foreign investors…
Philip Teoh 13 May 2019

Arbitration serves as animmensely beneficial avenue for resolving commercial disputes between two parties. It is the most popular mode of dispute resolution for disputes between commercial parties especially if they are of different nationalities.The function of Arbitration as a means of dispute settlement is not always understood. This Article aims…
Aparns Chavan 11 May 2019

A  SPECIAL NOTE FROM A BUDDING LAWYER TO A BUDDING LAWYER.                                Hello Budding Lawyer how are you?. Hope you are doing fine. Firstly let me congratulate you for being…
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