Michel Smith 22 Nov 2018
Top 6 Tips to kickstart your Career in Law
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Have you been considering a career in Law but don’t know where to begin? Here are top 6 tips on how you should begin your legal career: Conduct Self-Assessment – to become aware of your interests Before kick starting your journey as a lawyer, perform an honest self-assessment to decide whether the legal career is a good fit for you or not. To do so,…
Need Suggestion
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Builder has completed his project on 2004 for which he received mortgage free certificate on 2003, now the RERA authority is asking for the completion certificate of the same, which we d'nt have ,,, whats the way to defend..??Any ruling,, judgment.. Plz suggest
Charanjeet Kaur 20 Nov 2018
Top Reasons why Lawyers must learn to Embrace Technology
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Attracting and retaining clients in today’s competitive market requires law firms as well as legal practitioners to find more innovative ways to keep clients engaged. Essentially, today’s lawyers not only need to understand the fundamentals of legal practice, but also need to embrace technology to serve their client needs to the best of their ability.…
Charanjeet Kaur 19 Nov 2018
4 Most Important Ways to Grow Your Legal Practice
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Many lawyers often have to struggle to survive during the initial years of legal practice.Right from finding the right practice area, to finding prospective clients and most importantly, establishing a strong clientele can be challenging for a novice lawyer. Moreover, with so many lawyers – including experienced and fresh entrants – a novice lawyer…
Philip Teoh 17 Nov 2018
Major Indian - Malaysian Arbitration Conference : AIAC / APJA in Kuala Lumpur 22 November 2018
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Please to inform that I will be speaking on Law & Procedures of Emergency Arbitrator and Arbitrator Funding at the AIAC-APJA Conference 2018 in Kuala Lumpur on 22 November 2018
Anuj Malhotra 17 Nov 2018
5 Signs Your Lawyer Life Is Impacting On Your Home Life
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With a rise in longer working days and flexible hours, it can often be hard for the head of an organisation to switch off from work whilst at home. In most cases, employees are completely unaware that their job is slowly taking over their life, however, no matter what your position, it’s important to maintain a good work/life balance to ensure you…
Alicia Chian 14 Nov 2018
How to keep up with the Rapidly Evolving Legal Industry?
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Just like any other industry, even the legal industry is experiencing a radical shift in the way they do business, and for good reason. Paperwork and data management – long practiced by legal professionals – is being replaced by software solutions; law firms are embracing technological tools to stay competitive; commitment to maintaining clients’ anonymity…
Team SoOLEGAL 13 Nov 2018
4 Tips for Attorneys to Get More Clients
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Attorneys are often burdened with administrative paperwork, and most importantly, casework as part of their day-to-day workload. While handling such duties is important for an attorney, the need for generating revenue – through growing client list – is also crucial and a significant part of a successful practice.Are you a busy lawyer? Can’t find ways…
arnab banerjee 13 Nov 2018
sabarimala: a fight between custom and constitution
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the entire sabarimala case can be summed up as a battle between custom and constitution. in the case : indian young lawyers association vs. state of travancore devaswom board etc. the prayer that is put before honourable supreme court is : to direct the board to allow entry of women in to the temple of lord ayappa aged 10 to 55.to declare the rule…
Bhumesh Verma 13 Nov 2018
Government and Reserve Bank at loggerheads
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Different pillars of an economy must work in tandem for its steady growth – this requires a great level of harmony between the Government and other institutions for this.Past few weeks, however, have been far from it between the Central Government and the Reserve Bank of India (‘RBI’). Their apparent differences on various issues have been hogging…
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