Bivas Chatterjee 30 Dec 2022 2:37pm
How secured your data is in this cyber world? @cyberchatterjee
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When America is thinking of having an American data privacy and protection act that is American Data Privacy and Protection Act and various States are agreeable to the same and various Countries in the world are thinking to have a privacy acts the world was surprised and shocked to know one recent development.We have recently seen shocking news when…
Bivas Chatterjee 23 Nov 2022 10:18pm
Standards to control Fake and fraud reviews and ratings
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When you are searching for any service or products in the internet you read and depends upon various reviews and ratings available in various ecommerce site or portals. Now you can imagine if the reviews or ratings are false, fake or fraud then you will be cheated. The sector which is most affected by Travel and Tourism, restaurant and consumers durables.…
Bivas Chatterjee 15 Nov 2022 12:24am
What is Deepfake? #deepfake #cyberchatterjee
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What is deep fake?Deep fakes are videos that use AI and machine learning to realistically portray a person doing something which they didn't do.Deepfake is a type of artificial intelligence technology that makes it possible to create fake videos using machine learning.Deepfakes are typically created by using machine learning algorithms to map one person's…
Bivas Chatterjee 12 Nov 2022 1:23pm
What is future cyber crime ?
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If you think that hacking a Facebook account or creating a fake account in any social media platforms or freaked you out by syphoning some pennies in your bank account by fraudsters are cybercrimes, then be prepared for a jerk. Sheepishly enough, future cybercrime is something else. It's infrastructure crime whose impact will be so dangerous that we…
Bivas Chatterjee 8 Nov 2022 3:18pm
Privacy Matters
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Privacy matters: Right of privacy specially data privacy is a part of fundamental right. Recently in a order by Hon'ble High Court has imposed penalty for annexing private pictures of parties in an application and directed to erase form the filed documents. In today’s ever-changing world where the age-old conventional technology has been defenestrated…
Bivas Chatterjee 2 Nov 2022 5:38pm
Digital Currency in India #erupee #cybersecurity #digitalcurrency
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Recently we have got the Concept Note on Central Bank Digital Currency, Fintech Department, RBI, October, 2022: and as per that note, all types of cryptocurrencies and its negative effects has been explained, stating that the effect of the cryptocurrencies is a negative one in the economic sphere and supported for Central based cryptocurrencies or…
Bivas Chatterjee 1 Nov 2022 9:05pm
E - Casino or Online Gambling is Legal or Not?
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In India there may be Casino everywhere unlike Nepal and other parts of the world, today due to the huge growth of internet and the virtual world, E-Casino or virtual casinos have become a lucrative business for people. The online gambling sectors are flourishing day by day and there is practically no stringent law to arrest the situation.People are…
Bivas Chatterjee 11 Oct 2022 5:38pm
What is Super App ?
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Super App is a multi tasking multi-platform mobile application using which you can chat, book online cab, order for online food, you can pay on online etc. It is actually a mall in virtual world through these App. One the very popular Super App in China and other parts of Asia is WeChat ( Elon Mask is proposing a super…
Bivas Chatterjee 31 Dec 2021 12:10pm
Net Banking Frauds : Severe Cyber Security Latches : Cyber Adjudication
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Net Banking Frauds The customer obtained a loan of Rs. 20 lakhs from a Public Sector Undertaking Bank and thereafter the amount was fraudulently siphoned from his bank account through four RTGSs without any consent or permission or knowledge of the customer. He then and there agitated the matter before the Banking authorities and Cyber Police Station.…
Bivas Chatterjee 31 Oct 2021 9:14pm
Speedy Trial in Covid Era : Role of Electronic Evidence in Latest Murder Case
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Speedy Trial in Covid Era : Role of Electronic Evidence in Latest Murder Case: BRIEF FACT OF THE CASE:On 26-10-2020 at about 19:00 hrs. English Bazar PS had received an information regarding a person who was found lying in naked condition in his railway quarter, blood was oozing out from his mouth, face and nose and later the victim was declared…

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