What is Deepfake? #deepfake #cyberchatterjee
Bivas Chatterjee 15 Nov 2022

What is Deepfake? #deepfake #cyberchatterjee

What is deep fake?

Deep fakes are videos that use AI and machine learning to realistically portray a person doing something which they didn't do.

Deepfake is a type of artificial intelligence technology that makes it possible to create fake videos using machine learning.

Deepfakes are typically created by using machine learning algorithms to map one person's face onto another person's body.

The term deepfake was coined in 2018 when an anonymous Reddit user shared a video of US President Barack Obama giving a speech in which he praised Donald Trump as "a very stable genius". The video was created by combining clips of Obama's speech at the 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner with audio from Trump's 2017 interview on "The Dr. Oz Show".

The following series of incidence have posed various threat in the virtual world, some of them are worth mentioning and as follows:

A false video was made using deepfakes, as asking the President of Ukraine to surrender to Russia.

Ex-President of USA was impersonated by one Belgium agency to spread fake news.

Deepfake using Deep learning algorithm can impersonate anyone almost accurately.

How AI-generated content is changing the world of journalism?

AI-generated content is changing the world of journalism. It has the potential to make journalists more efficient and less error-prone. For example, AI can generate articles that are tailored to a specific audience or topic. This can be more helpful for journalists who are writing on a wide range of topics and need to produce content quickly.

The dangers of AI generated content in the future:

AI generated content is not as good as human generated content. This is because humans are better able to understand the context and tone of a message than AI writers. There are many dangers of AI generated content in the future. One of them is that people will not know whether they are reading AI generated articles or human-written articles. This is a threat to our democracy, as people will be less likely to engage in politics if they cannot tell what is real and what is fake. Another danger is that people will start to trust AI more than humans, which could lead to more people being manipulated by big tech companies who have access to their data. AI generated content is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives. AI generated media has advanced so much that it can now produce quality article content, blog posts and email content for a fraction of the cost.

The future of AI generating media AI generating media will soon be a reality. It is hard to predict the future of AI generating media because we don't know what the future of AI will look like. But we can only hope that it will be for the better.

What are the dangers of deep fakes?

Deep Faking is the process of using AI and machine learning to create fake videos. It is a new form of media manipulation that can be used for good or bad. The potential for misuse is high and it can create problems in the future. Deepfake can be used in financial fraud, data breach, propagation of fake news. The politicians even can use the Deepfake technology to gain unlawful advantage. Your voices are collected from your social media post. The question of privacy is another important issue.

How to protect yourself from deep fake?

Deep fakes are videos or images created by computer programs to look like a real person. These videos can be used for political purposes, to humiliate someone or to take revenge. There are a few ways you can protect yourself from deep fakes.

How to spot deep fake?

Deep fakes are becoming more and more common with the influx of AI. They are realistic looking videos created using machine learning. Deep fakes can be detected using a variety of methods including metadata, 3D face models, audio waveforms, key-point detection etc.

How deep fakes are changing the world of content creation?

Deep fakes are a new form of media manipulation that has been on the rise in recent years. They are created using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a fake video or audio clip of someone saying or doing something they never said or did.

The most popular use cases for deep fakes are for revenge porn, which can be created with the intent to embarrass and harass the person being portrayed in the media.

Deepfake and Investigating agencies:

The investigating agencies can be befooled by the application of the deepfake as the science progresses it is becoming more accurate and technologically inseparable with that of real one.

You may find yourself in any social media in a video talking with someone, where in reality you might be in any other place on that day. But for that you have to be a celebrity, is not it?

What is Deepfake? डीपफेक क्या है? #डीपफेक #hindishorts #deepfake 

What is Deepfake? #deepfake @cyberchatterjee

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