How secured your data is in this cyber world? @cyberchatterjee
Bivas Chatterjee 30 Dec 2022

How secured your data is in this cyber world? @cyberchatterjee

When America is thinking of having an American data privacy and protection act that is American Data Privacy and Protection Act and various States are agreeable to the same and various Countries in the world are thinking to have a privacy acts the world was surprised and shocked to know one recent development.

We have recently seen shocking news when a German personal who is supposed to be one cyber security personnel found a shoe-box type device was available on eBay at the rate of $ 149 approx. and he purchases the same shoe-box type device at $68 and when German personal receive the device that contains biometric and Iris data of 2632 people who were supposed to be the citizen of Afghanistan and other Asia country and some biometric information were of some suspected terrorist.

Even when the German personal analyzed the device in terms of SEEK II i.e. Secure Electronic Enrolment Kit Metadata it was seen that the device was last used in 2012 in Asia.

Now the million-dollar question is how can a tiny device travelled down from Asia to eBay i.e. one e-commerce portal. Now you can understand how secured your data is at this cyber world.

Be careful that when you sell or dispose off your device containing your personally identifiable data. Be sure about formatting or erasing your data prior handing over the same.

In today’s ever-changing world where the age-old conventional technology has been defenestrated every day, data proved to be the most important thing and usually termed as “oil” or “air” of our society. The avalanche of data or should I say Big data are the only business interest for the big entities of our complex society. It is ex-facie clear that our data is the centre of attraction for those entities. Some invincible data brokers qua data-analytics without our knowledge are collecting, packaging and selling our personal private data online and offline. Even the different e-commerce and social site companies are collecting, storing and tracking our data. Our life is converted into data package where we are only products. Our every purchase, every journey, every likes and dislikes, hobbies, thinking and thus every part of our life are digitised, tracked and logged. Today all around we can find a data war where unknown and invisible data brokers are stealing our data and profiling us.

How secure your data in this cyber world?

Is your data secured?

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