Singh Gurmeet

Practice Location: Delhi High Court

Gurmeet Singh, born on 11th Sep 1984 in Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India is an Advocate by profession, who has made a remarkable contribution to the legal community and practices mainly at Hon'ble Delhi High Court, Delhi, India. His recent achievements include the initiative to start up the service of summons of Hon'ble Court by the way of E-mail in all District courts of Delhi (refer to "Randeep Kaur Vs Ayush Sibal" Judgement published as 2015 Lawsuit (Del) 71). The right to a Speedy trial is a fundamental Right and the same was acknowledged and appreciated by the Hon'ble Delhi High Court of Delhi (refer to "Sunita Vs Yogender Saini" Judgement published as 2014 Lawsuit (Del) 5648). In a recent case of appreciating the right of the petitioner that Bail is a Right and Jail is an Exception bail was granted to the petitioner in a matter u/s 302 etc. IPC. (refer to "Chander Singh Vs State" Judgement published as 2014 Lawsuit (Del) 5647). In another matter while being appointed and acting as an Amicus Curie of the Court an Appeal was allowed while holding in detail the legal sanctity of a Dying Declaration in a matter u/s 302 etc. IPC. (refer to "Kamalkant Vs State" Judgement published as 2016 Lawsuit (Del) 1939). After observing the attempt to destroy the heritage sites of chandni chowk namely piao and gurdwara sis ganj sahib, Gurmeet immediately approached te honble delhi high court and got the gurdwara sahib and piao restored. The recent aid / relief to the illegal Destruction piao of Gurdwara Sis Ganj, Delhi was also one of the latest achivements of Sh. Gurmeet Singh. Proceeding forward in his career, after observing an online game and epidemic emerging by the name of Blue Whale, Gurmeet Singh felt the need to contain the situation for the public good and therefore in the interest of public he filed a PIL before the honble delhi high court making Google, facebook, yahoo, commissioner of delhi police a party and urged the honble court to take action in the said matter. Thereafter taking cognizance of this matter, the honble delhi high court proceeded to issue notice to all the aforesaid and in addition also sought reply from the Union of India on te steps taken and kept the matter for close monitoring of the case. In a recent turn of events, after observing that there are various anti religion videos going viral on you tube and other social media esp. Sikh religion, he again came to the rescue of various victims and sought intervention of the court against youtube and commissioner of delhi police whereby prayed that the google / youtube must be stopped from uploading and publishing any hate speeches and anti relegious videos and the same releif was also granted ex parte by the honble court in november 2017. These are only a few to name amongst many others. with over 181 published judgments he feels blessed :)

  • New Delhi, India
  • New Delhi, India
  • delhi high court
  • Delhi High Court Bar Association

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