Love jihad, an evil to devour social ethic
Team SoOLEGAL 17 Aug 2017

Love jihad, an evil to devour social ethic

The battle with the Jihadists not only includes assault weapons like Gun, but covers a lot many other fields and the latest of all of them is “Love”.

We have heard of Jihad or holy war. It is the cardinal tenets of Islam to fight against non-believers and furthers the interest of Islam. The word has taken a different connotation all together which is known as “Love Jihad”.  “Love” is the purest form of relations which has been stained by some radicals who adopted it as another weapon in their arsenal to accomplish their evil desires in the name of “Jihad”. Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad is an exponentially rising issue in Kerala State where young Muslim boys reportedly engaged in seducing open-minded girls of non-Muslim religions and convince them to transform their identity as a Muslim woman by feigning love. In some cases, it is done by torturing girls who refuse to marry them.

The idea is to brainwash them as Islamic fundamentalists with love as a common thread. But things get really sore after this as many girls were reported to be sold off in Saudi Arabia as a servant, wife or even prostitute. Such acts raise questions on whether Islam is a religion of love or hate?

Another case of Love Jihad is catching the eyes of public, politicians, and religious organization, even moved to the level of Supreme Court, where a legal petition filed by Shefan Jahan requesting to have his wife back after Kerala High Court annulled his marriage on the grounds of forcible conversion of a Hindu girl into Islam and send her back into the protective custody of her parents.

The idea is to spread the influence Islam in the State of Kerala, due to the reason, the State High Court instructed Kerala Police and Union Home Ministry to probe the issue.   

This has brought the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other religious organization on one platform to battle Love Jihad.

Now, the case is being examined by National Investigation Agency after Supreme Court directed them to find out whether the case is an isolated issue or an instance of Love Jihad. SC also instructed NIA to investigate all similar cases for establishing a pattern of Love Jihad under the Supervision of former SC Judge Raveendran.

Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal and Indira Jaising representing Shefan, expressed their suspicions on the integrity of court proceedings, requested a Special Judge from outside Kerala to ensure a fair trial. On the demand of defense, SC bench comprising CJI Khekar appointed its retd. Judge Raveendran to cooperate with NIA and look into the matter closely.

This also raises questions on the integrity of the court. More accurately, they have placed the noblest professional of Justice, into the category of sports where an umpire or referee who does not belong to any of participating team is required to maintain fairness in the match for the sake of good sports. 

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