Cyril Jacob 1 Nov 2021 11:59am
Adopting a good cybersecurity strategy
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Adopting a good cybersecurity strategy: Cybersecurity has become more important to individuals, Governments and businesses than ever before. Businesses, decision makers and major stakeholders need to take steps to minimise risk exposure from cyber-attacks. For this purpose, firms are investing time, money and resources to develop a good cybersecurity…
Cyril Jacob 25 Oct 2021 2:49pm
Enhancing Password Security
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Enhancing Password Security: Passwords are often considered to be secure unless it is cracked. This is more common than ever before. Hackers attempting to steal information by cracking passwords is certainly not unheard of. So, what are the ways that one can adopt to ensure more password secure practices? Experts suggest that passwords should…
Cyril Jacob 18 Oct 2021 1:58pm
Significance of Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
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Significance of Two Factor Authentication (2FA): Two Factor Authentication (2FA) also referred to as 2 step verification or dual factor authentication is gaining more importance among users of the internet. 2FA is fundamentally a security process that enables users to provide two separate authentication factors to verify themselves. For instance,…
Cyril Jacob 3 Jun 2021 7:51pm
Artificial Intelligence - Are we acting in our best interests?
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Article by: Cyril Jacob|| Picture Courtesy: Getty ImagesOne of the most popular words in the cyber world today remains Artificial Intelligence (AI). So I suppose most of you have a fundamental idea of what AI is and how it can dominate the future. To be honest, its presence is clearly felt from the Banking Sector & Financial Sector to Food Delivery…
Cyril Jacob 15 Apr 2021 3:45pm
The Urgency of Creating an Awareness in Cyber Security
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Image Courtesy - || Article by - Cyril JacobThe alarming rise in threats across the cyber world has caused a panic like never before. With increasing platforms that facilitate transactions and conferences on a daily basis there is also an absolute requirement for investing time and money in the best resources to ensure cyber safety.Earlier,…

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