Enhancing Password Security
Cyril Jacob 25 Oct 2021

Enhancing Password Security

Enhancing Password Security:


Passwords are often considered to be secure unless it is cracked. This is more common than ever before. Hackers attempting to steal information by cracking passwords is certainly not unheard of. So, what are the ways that one can adopt to ensure more password secure practices?


Experts suggest that passwords should be changed every 30 to 60 or 90 days. It is not surprising that many financial institutions force customers to change their mobile banking passwords often. It is alarming to note that many do not change their passwords and even reuse the same for multiple accounts. This is extremely dangerous and can lead to security breaches, identity theft, unwanted access etc. 


Today, most websites have changed their password management rules. Passwords have become complex but at the same time methods to breach them also improve. It does not matter if you have latest software, if you are unable to monitor passwords on a regular basis you are at risk. Cyber security experts assert that if one uses strong and unique combinations, frequent changes to passwords are not necessary. 


Therefore, it is wise to use a password manager like 1Password, Norton’s password manager, Last Pass and the like. These are not the only good managers out there, but they are easy to learn and have a great customer support backup team. One need not understand hashing or AES-256 encryption. If your password manager’s servers are hacked (worst case scenario), your passwords will still remain safe as it is unreadable to anyone who doesn’t have your master password. The mentioned password manager software are quite transparent regarding their security processes. One can visit their sites to know more. 


The first step while using a manager is to initiate a master password. This will control access to your entire password database. You only need to remember this password, so one should make it as strong and secure as possible. Password managers also protect against phishing attacks as they fill out account information based on registered web addresses. It is really important for all online users to have a password manager to secure their data from identity theft and breaches. 


A few reasons to use a password manager software are listed below:


1)    No need to remember all your passwords

2)    Auto-login is enabled, or copy paste username and password

3)    Storage is encrypted

4)    Same tool on different operating systems

5)    Access your password from your mobile

6)    Generates a unique password

7)    Ability to store unlimited number of records

8)    Carry it in a USB drive

9)    Easy to use and user-friendly

10) It is usually free


When should one consider changing passwords?


      I.         After a security breach

     II.         On suspicion of unauthorised access

   III.         On discovery of malware or other unwanted software

   IV.         If one grants shared access

    V.         If one logs in at public places


Some good password security practices are:


a)     Always use a password manager

b)    Audit your passwords regularly

c)     Change weak, compromised or recycled passwords immediately

d)    Ensure priority for sensitive accounts

e)    Adopt Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

f)      Change passwords a couple of times a year

g)     Avoid enabling auto login for financial related websites such as PayPal or other banking websites. 

h)    Do not use personal information for passwords

i)      Create longer passwords

j)      Modify easy to remember phrases

k)     Do not type passwords on devices or networks you do not control

l)      Use different passwords for different accounts (Important) 


Regular auditing of passwords is a low-cost mechanism to ensure user don’t unintentionally expose themselves to risk. Moreover, it also helps to develop a culture of security awareness and provide quantifiable data that demonstrates improvement in good security practices over time. One can invest in a good auditing tool which is effective and efficient. In fact businesses are investing millions of dollars to secure systems. 


To ably manage passwords is a responsibility for both individuals and businesses. Without secure passwords and auditing, it becomes much easier to be a victim to cyber-crimes. This can prove to be a costly affair too. Hence, one must make sure to use a systematic password management software to protect personal information and their identity. 


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