The Urgency of Creating an Awareness in Cyber Security
Cyril Jacob 15 Apr 2021

The Urgency of Creating an Awareness in Cyber Security

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The alarming rise in threats across the cyber world has caused a panic like never before. With increasing platforms that facilitate transactions and conferences on a daily basis there is also an absolute requirement for investing time and money in the best resources to ensure cyber safety.

Earlier, MNC's used to invest in security personnel for safeguarding valuable and confidential data. But, today the catch phrase is "Invest in Cyber Security or Face the Heat". So, taking this into account not only firms but individuals who are constantly on the web need to understand the implications of what a ransomware or a phishing attack imposes. Therefore, what needs to be crucially observed is the different steps of actions that may be chosen to tackle attacks.

Before putting forth the pointers, I would first stress on the need to enlighten oneself on diverse ways in which cyber attacks take place. Today, virtual conferences are protected with encryption for a reason. In addition, the vulnerability that the pandemic has caused for children looms at large. This itself gives enough reason for a concerned parent to establish safety measures for their child who is so attached to a smartphone or gadget with access to the web.

Anonymous hacker groups with malicious intent are fervently scanning systems or devices that are vulnerable to an attack. Hence, one can witness various Government and Inter-Government agencies constantly involved in generating an awareness of cyber security across the world. Statistics are available from credible sources that anone can simply access at any time. After all, it is of little surprise that tech giants have heavily focussed on R&D into ensuring proper security measures for their products and services. Be it Apple, Microsoft or even freelance entrepreneurs, each entity feels the need to stay protected from any virus or malware 24/7.

I suggest the following 10 step action plan to be followed in addressing the challenge of Cyber attacks:

1) Be Cyber Smart by educating yourself and your team about the different kinds of attacks by hackers. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a cyber lawyer or cyber specialist for important matters.

2) Secure your accounts with a 2 step verification (This may sound cliché, but it is extremely helpful and the need of the hour).

3) Try avoiding storing sensitive information in Cloud storage facilities. Rather, purchase an external hard disk with 256 bit encryption. A Western Digital Hard disk (portable) with 256 bit encryption will be good enough.

4) Invest in state of the art anti-virus and anti-malware software. Kaspersky and Norton are fine but there are many others way better too (costly affair).

5) Ensure passwords are changed at least once in 6 months. This has already been implemented by many banks as of now, whereby an automatic request for change in mpin is generated.

6) Beware of third party app access to your information. Avoid downloading games or apps that are coming out of regions that have less or no cyber security initiatives.

7) Adopt the mind set "Think and Click". Random clicking while browsing the web will lead to problems that are unimaginable. So, be reasonable while browsing and not reckless.

8) Ensure you stay connected to a secure network at all times. This brings me to say that the next time you use a public wifi or one at a café, be cautious.

9) Avoid connecting with individuals who are simply unknown to you. No matter if the person who sent you a request is your best friend's friend or even ex. Cut the clutter to avoid future issues that you may face, especially if you constantly share pictures or updates on your trips to a restaurant or a camp scene.

10) The last one may sound silly but has been recommended by many cyber security professionals. Ensure your webcam is sealed with a webcam cover which is easily available on Amazon. This comes handy for those who feel they are being watched (this has been reported to be true). Moreover, if your laptop is always in a meeting mode, you might as well just get a seal which you can slide to and fro.

To sum up, I would encourage each one to "Think & Browse". In addition, start updating yourselves on the latest news from top notch cyber security professionals. I personally tend to spent a decent time each month reading White Paper reports issued by Governments. These reports allow me to understand how hackers are constantly devouring systems that have no security. Thus, I would urge all to do the same as it will enable us to safeguard our systems against cyber criminals.

Happy Browsing!

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