Why is Triple Talaq allowed when no other religion or country supports its legitimacy?
Team SoOLEGAL 22 Aug 2017

Why is Triple Talaq allowed when no other religion or country supports its legitimacy?

A sense of Gender Equality is shaped by the culture which cannot be existed in a culture shaped on the grounds of sexual discrimination.   

In a landmark judgment passed by the Supreme Court of India, declared the practice of Instant Divorce unconstitutional and directed the Central Government to establish new laws regarding the marriage and divorce procedures in Muslim Community. The controversial case of Triple Talaq arose after a series of petitions filed by the victims of these social norms on May 11 that consists six day long hearing on the issue. The Court later reserved the Judgment on May 18, 2016.

A number of victims claimed to be left alone after their husbands, the self-proclaimed Governors of the lives of innocent Muslim women, terminated their marriages with them in the name of Triple Talaq, wherever man possess the rights to do injustice anytime they wish for it. The petitioners claimed to be robbed of their pride, Social Rights, living standards, and their freedom without any insurance of financial security because, in the Sharia Law, husbands are not liable to pay any security money, once the marriage is annulled.           

After 14 centuries, a long existed sexual discrimination theory of radical religious people against Muslim women has now been declared unethical, after the top Court of India has declared these social norms illegal and void. The entire world has moved forward, leaving their social norms behind and moved in the direction of change and prosperity. Indian Muslims are the only ones who still refuse to accept the change, even after acknowledging the fact that all other Islamic countries have already been abolished such norms

Muslim Community was once appeared to be a progressive force, but what is progressive in the 6th century may not be so in the 21st century. This has seen in the status of Muslim Women regarding the process of divorce and marriage where women possess absolutely no authority to make decisions for herself which made it the saddest sticking point in the world. How ironic could it be to admit that you have no control over your own life and nothing can be done about it? All India Muslim Personal Law Board sanctified the law of Triple Talaq (Instant Divorce) wherein a Muslim Man can split with his wife without giving any prior indication or reason by just uttering “Talaq Talaq Talaq” and it's done.

The fact states that about 92% Indian Muslim women wants Triple Talaq to be abolished, but Muslim Law Board dominated by men who live in the 6th century has never even budged to look into the matter as it is against their personal interests. Only thinking about the “Hell” the victims of Instant Divorce has been through is enough to chill your bones. This ignited a war in the country against these social norms. The most straightforward thing is that other Muslim dominated countries and their leaders are smart enough to determine what law is best for their people, both men and women. But in Indian Muslim Community, the sense of gender equality has long been disappeared.

Under the Sharia Law, a Muslim Marriage is a legal contract between the groom and bride on the grounds of financial exchange, wherein the copy of the agreement is only kept by the groom and bride is not allowed to even have a look on it. Most of the clauses reserves the groom’s matrimonial powers and favors their terms and conditions. They can divorce their wives and remarry whenever they want without engaging in any legal formality. Something that others religions in India do not allow, then how this particular religion is legally and socially allowed to terrorize womens and escape without facing any consequences.    

But, now’s not the time to fight over these issues. It is the time of celebration as some Muslim Women showed the guts to stand against Triple Talaq and achieved victory. At last, the time has come for these women to take a breath of great satisfaction. The satisfaction provided by the Court to the Muslim Women is beyond words. 

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