What to Do When Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Blackmails You Using Your Nude Pictures?
Team SoOLEGAL 3 Jul 2023

What to Do When Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Blackmails You Using Your Nude Pictures?

This article outlines the remedies available to people who feel threatened as a result of these sensitive images and aims to offer helpful insights on protecting your private photos from unauthorized disclosure by your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

Legal provisions are in place to protect individuals facing threats or blackmail in India. These provisions include sections of the Information Technology Act, 2000, such as Section 66E which prohibits the unauthorized capturing or publishing of private images, and Section 67 which criminalizes the transmission of obscene electronic material. Section 67A deals with the publication of sexually explicit material, while Section 67B specifically addresses child pornography.

The Indian Penal Code also contains relevant sections, such as Section 292 which targets the sale or distribution of obscene books, and Section 501 which covers the printing or engraving of defamatory material. Violations of these provisions can result in imprisonment and fines.

To combat cybercrimes, the Indian government has established cyber forensic training and investigation labs in multiple states, as well as cybercrime cells in all states and Union territories. These initiatives aim to strengthen law enforcement capabilities and facilitate the reporting and investigation of cybercrime cases.

In terms of legal recourse, individuals facing threats or blackmail are advised to contact the police through the emergency hotline number, provide their details, and explain the situation. The police will take action by sending officers to meet with the individual, document their statement, and initiate necessary steps, including apprehending the responsible individuals, seizing their devices, and conducting interrogations.

Seeking the assistance of a trustworthy lawyer is recommended, as they can guide the individual through the legal process, help file a civil case to obtain an injunction against the perpetrators, and explore the option of filing a criminal case if negotiations are unsuccessful. Emotional support from friends, family, or support groups is also important during this challenging time.

Overall, it is crucial to take prompt action, seek legal help, and remember that resources and support are available.

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The victim can get an injunction from the court to stop the images from being published elsewhere. If you are tagged in a post first untag yourself then report on the site. You can contact Google to remove the images and other information from search results.

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