Significance of Parole in Criminal Matters
Team SoOLEGAL 3 Aug 2016

Significance of Parole in Criminal Matters

Parole is basically a provision to release a prisoner who agrees to some conditions before the completion of maximum sentence period. Parole is given by the parole board, when the offender has completed at least one third of his punishment.  To grant parole the board considers factors like offender’s behavior in the prison and rehabilitation level. The parole board specifies restrictions on the activity of a person while he/she is on parole.

But before moving further you should know the difference between bail and parole:

Bail: Bail is some kind of property submitted or pledged in front of the respective court as a pleading for the release of the accused from Jail. On the understanding that suspect will return for trial or never jump his bail

Parole: Parole is a provisional release of a convict who gives consents to some situation before the completion of maximum sentence period.

A convict can only be released on parole when:

  1. There is accident or death of a family member
  2. To be present on some important marriage function of a family member.
  3. To visit any family member who is ill
  4. Serious damage cause by natural calamities to life and property of the family member
  5. To attend land or money related matters in the family
  6. During delivery of child by wife

Now try to understand what Parole Bond is: A Parole Bond is made by the government in the form of depository property. This bond acts as a surety by government that an arrested person won’t break the set conditions of his/her release. Prisoner can also pay against parole bond on his own or can also borrow the depositing amount from any acquaints. Sometimes parole bonds are used to relieve overcrowded prisoners. A prisoner can avail maximum 30 days parole at a time and in a year he can avail 90 days of parole.


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