Points to keep in mind before looking for Lawyer or Law Firm
Team SoOLEGAL 18 Mar 2016

Points to keep in mind before looking for Lawyer or Law Firm

A friend of mine got into a fracas over a property with her siblings. Of course both sides sought legal help. However, what she said got me thinking – she said if she knew how difficult it was to find the right lawyer to fight her case, she would have promptly agreed on an out of court settlement. For someone who has friends fighting a plethora of cases and on the otherside a gang of legal buddies, the question always arises – how do you know which lawyer is good for you? After all, you have only one chance to win your case, so finding the right lawyer is critical.

So here are a few pointers that you could begin with when you are looking around

  1. Personal Referrals – Don’t be afraid to ask! Personal referrals from reliable sources can go go a long way in helping you make the decision. Friends and family whose opinions you can count on are a great way to begin.
  2. Experience – Not to be undermined, experience is crucial for taking any decision. Even though you don’t need a lawyer with experience in a particular field, its always does make sense if he has experience in similar cases.
  3. Understanding – be sure the lawyer understands what your ideas about the situation are and what outcome you are looking at. After all, you want to fight the opponent and not your legal team!
  4. Ability to communicate – Does a meeting with your lawyer remind you of the trigonometry class you so hated in school? Leaving you completely confused and opening all the guide books for help? What I am trying to say is If the guy speaks in legalese and doesn’t bother to explain, then its time to move on.
  5. Availability – Will he be available at your convenience? Or are you comfortable dealing with the legal team. That’s totally your call to make.
  6. Clear fee structure – While you should definitely shop around for quotations, let fee not be the only deciding factor. Sometimes what looks like a cheaper deal may work out expensive depending how long the lawyer takes to wrap up your case. Finalize a clear structure in writing – check before hand the terms whether you pay per visit or a fixed sum etc.

It would be interesting though to have a directory of lawyers sort of like a network where they share their experiences and documents and you can just browse around and connect with the one that interests you the most…well, till that happens keep in mind the above points and carry on!

And like a wise person said – A good lawyer knows the law, a better one knows the judge!

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