Outside the Military Bubble: Life after Service
Team SoOLEGAL 18 Jan 2022

Outside the Military Bubble: Life after Service

The Veterans Cell was established in April 2013 as a single point of contact for veterans’ concerns and goals at Army Headquarters. Since then, its mission and charter have extended significantly to encompass topics other than traditional pension and welfare concerns. It interacts not just with the AG Branch’s line directors and welfare societies, but also with other directorates state governments, skilling agencies, and placement partners across the country. These expanded responsibilities necessitated the transformation of the Army veterans cell into the Directorate of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV) under the AG Branch. It now reports directly to the Adjutant general, giving the administration of veteran issues in the Indian Army the respect it deserves.

DIAV’s Structure and Key Characteristics:
The Directorate of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV) will be divided into four departments. These are the following:

1.     Policy and Outreach Section: This will be the lead section and will serve as the new directorate’s nerve center. The section, led by a director – level official, will be the primary point of contact for all veterans, widows, and wards. The portion is divided into three distinct desks. They are as follows

a.     The Monitoring Station,

b.     The Veterans Outreach Desk,

c.     The Data Management and Web Portal Support Desk

The section is also in charge of running the Indian Army Veterans Web Portal as well as any other portals or connections that the organization may be asked to host in the future.

2.     Pensions & Entitlement Section: This part will be the directorate’s backbone, responsible for all tasks relating to pensions and entitlements, such as sanction, disbursement, and associated legal redress and correction. To offer veterans, widows, and handicapped soldiers with the appropriate guidance and support, the section will maintain strong cooperation with the Manpower Planning and Personnel Services Directorate at AG Branch, as well as the Record Offices and PCDA (O) & PCDA (P). This unit will eventually take over the CPGRAMS tasks that are now performed by the Personnel Services Directorate at Army Headquarters. The section will also host the Manpower Planning Directorate’s databases on a shared basis in order to deliver real – time information on personnel records to the retired fraternity.

3.     Benefits & Welfare Section: This unit is in charge of grievance handling for all services considered acceptable to a veteran after retirement, such as medical, education, housing, re – employment insurance, and so on. The section will keep in touch with and cooperate with the AWPO, AWHO, AWES, AGI and ECHS on any policy and delivery issues that affect the veteran community. This division will also be solely responsible for the creation and operation of the DIAV’s Veterans E – lobby.

4.     Skilling and Transition Section: This branch is in charge of pushing the Indian Army’s Skilling effort, which is being carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship through National Skill Development, in order to provide acceptable 2nd career alternatives for prospective retirees. Skill training is not being provided at all Regt. Centers by NSDC – accredited trainers. In 2017, DIAV assisted in the training of almost 20,000 futures retirees. Concurrently, NSDC – aligned course are being made accessible to army wives and wards at the numerous Army Skill Training Centers opening in various Cantts and mil stns, providing them with national accreditation get National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) certificates.

Support at Veterans E – Lobby
The Veterans E – lobby is a one – of – a – kind facility that is currently being built at the DIAV. Once operational, it will provide a variety of advising services to veterans, windows, handicapped troops, and wards. The E – lobby is intended to offer the following services:

1.     Banking Services: Banking advice and services pertaining to pensions. The SBI and PNB service centers have already been established, and they provide first – rate financial advice and amenities to the veteran community.

2.     Disability Care & Support Services: At the E – lobby, a multi – brand facility has been constructed to demonstrate new items for wounded warriors. These now include Honda Motors and ALIMCO, both of which have been engaged in this industry. New partners are being sought to provide our veteran community with high – quality disability care and support goods.

3.     NSDC Skilling Services: At the E – lobby, a Liaison Office supported by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is being constructed. This office will host Liaison Officers/Consultants from several NSDC Sector skill councils to advise institutions and people on potential possibilities for skill development, evaluation and certification.

4.     Widow Care & Support Services: In due course a widows care and support office will be constructed in the E – lobby. This agency will give expert advice to windows and wards based on their specific requirements. On a functional level, this office will work with the AWWA.

5.     Financial Advisory Services: In due time, the DIAV will also provide professional financial advising services at the E – lobby. The experts will provide veterans and widows with guidance on different financial products and possibilities in order to safeguard the profitability and security of any personal investments.

6.     Miscellaneous Services: As a welfare measure for veterans, DIAV has also provided intra – cantonment transportation services. The DIAV van (8 – seater) picks up and put off veterans at predetermined sites across the cantonment, in line with established routes and timetables.

Our Achievements
Since its inception five years ago, the veterans cell, now known as DIAV, has expanded its reach in a variety of ways. The data points below show the Veterans Cell’s accomplishments.

·      Resolved 23,730 out of 30,484 grievances in various formats during fiscal year 2017 – 2018.

·      Paid out Rs. 509.90 crores to 1,24,766 beneficiaries since inception, including Rs. 42.43 crores to 7,010 recipients in FY 2018 – 2018.

·      Approximately 24 EXSM rallies across the nation received policy guidance and support.

·      During the previous year, the Army Welfare Placement Organization (AWPO) and its nodes offered 12000 employments across the country.

·      The Indian Army Veterans Portal, which was launched in June 2014, has had 15,14,372 hits as of January 15, 2018. Since its debut, the Portal has also received 5,90,410 registrations and processed around 5,100 complaints.

Future Projects and Programs
DIAV will always strive to live up to its slogan, ‘WE CARE & SUPPORT’. It is currently preparing to launch the following programs in 2018:

·       Veterans Contacts Program

·       Widows Care and Support Program

·       Disabled Soldiers Care and Support Program

·       Anomaly in Veterans Pensions & Resolution Program

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