How to keep up with the Rapidly Evolving Legal Industry?
Alicia Chian 14 Nov 2018

How to keep up with the Rapidly Evolving Legal Industry?

Just like any other industry, even the legal industry is experiencing a radical shift in the way they do business, and for good reason. Paperwork and data management – long practiced by legal professionals – is being replaced by software solutions; law firms are embracing technological tools to stay competitive; commitment to maintaining clients’ anonymity is pushing attorneys to provide online legal consultation, to name a few.

However, considering how busy a lawyer can be, it can be difficult to keep up with the increasingly rapid evolution of the legal industry. Fortunately, a handful of websites can be found online that can assist you in wisely choosing technology and services to help you stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving legal industry.

More importantly, the websites come packed with technological tools, solutions and services —all assembled at one place with the goal of helping you become a more informed (and innovative) legal professional. However, finding such a site can be overwhelming and daunting for a non tech-savvy lawyer. To help you out, here are a few tips on how you can find the right online portal to keep up with the latest legal trends, thereby helping you grow your practice:

  • Latest Legal Updates

It goes without saying that you must stay informed on the latest updates in your area of law and practice. And so, choosing a website that provides you with the latest legal updates will ensure that you spend time in analyzing information and not in gathering it.

  • Collaboration

As an independent practitioner or a beginner, it is likely that there will be areas of law where you do not have the skills, knowledge or experience to deal with client legal issues – and that’s where Collaboration comes in handy. Of course, you wouldn’t want to lose a potential client to lose trust in you. So, in case you cannot provide the needed legal assistance to your client, collaborating with an experienced legal professional can help your client receive answers to their legal queries more efficiently.

Thus, try looking for an online portal that makes it easy for you to collaborate with your other lawyers.

  • Easy Access to Software Solutions

Make sure to choose a site that provides you access to software solutions that helps reduce your time in managing your day-to-day legal tasks, allows you to raise and send invoice to your clients, etc. Having access to such software solutions will help reduce the burden associated with administrative paperwork, caseload and will save time in tracking billable hours.

  • Online Legal Consultation

As more and more clients today prefer to consult a lawyer online, make sure that the website you choose contains legal consultation feature, thereby allowing you to consult a client online while maintaining their anonymity and confidentiality. 

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