How Lawyers Should Communicate with Angry Clients
Team SoOLEGAL 20 Jul 2016

How Lawyers Should Communicate with Angry Clients

Can you PLEASE all the people every time? Of course not!!

But when you are in a client-centric business like advocates, then you are definitely going to face situations where clients are just not so happy with the replies or service they have received. There is no surprise lawyers and law firms find themselves in this situation most of the times, especially in matters where clients have invested emotional and personal stake for to get the better outcome from a particular case.

Below we have mentioned few tips which can help lawyers and law firms on how to communicate with difficult or upset clients:

  1. Face to face communication: It helps to hear and see client’s emotional attachment to a particular case. It gives you an idea on how to deal with their matter and come to a resolution. If that is not possible than a phone call is always better than dropping an email.
  2. Show empathy: Showing empathy rather than feeling sorry for their situation is a powerful way to actually validate clients’ feelings and diffuse their tensed emotions.
  3. Stay calm: you need to calm down your client and don’t let the emotions fade off from you. Sometimes words spoken in anger are irrational and hard to retract.
  4. Listen more: You should focus more on listening to what your client is saying without any interruptions. Bring into line with your body language and make eye contact with them when they talk.
  5. Take help of your team: You can always take a help from your team members. It is not necessary to solve every situation on your own. Depending on the case you can involve your team members and can assign work to them. Collectively you can bring better results for your client for a particular case.
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