Andhra Pradesh Tops in Cases filed by Women
Team SoOLEGAL 10 Oct 2017

Andhra Pradesh Tops in Cases filed by Women

Women are litigants in over 10.5 % of the total over 2.55crore cases pending in India's lower courts and the maximum numbers of them are from Andhra Pradesh, followed by Bihar and Punjab.

In a recent report, it has been found that just a little over 10 percent of the 2.55 crore cases pending in subordinate and district courts across the nation have been registered by women. 

Story: It is a matter of fact that women contribute half of our country’s population but the sad part of the story is they often found at the receiving end of the society. This is borne out by the fact that only few of them move courts to obviate family or property disputes.

In a recent report by The TIMES OF INDIA, it has been found that just a little over 10 percent of the 2.55 crore cases pending in subordinate and district courts across the nation have been registered by women. It reveals that 90 percent cases are filed by men that are total of the pending litigation. Moreover, 70 percent are criminal cases, whereas among those filed by women, criminal cases add up to less than 50 Percent despite ample of incidents of domestic violence and harassment against them.

The above data gives a boost to key aspect that our society holds still patriarchal structure where men continue to take vital decisions in matter of family and personal disputes. The participation of women in household decisionis less.

An analysis shows that six states have a higher percentage of litigants than the national average 10.3 percent. Andhra Pradesh stands at the top in chart with a hopeful figure of 16 percent, followed by Bihar and Punjab with 15 percent each. States such as Goa, Tamil Nadu and Chandigarh each have 14% cases filed by women.Among larger states such as UP, MP, Maharashtra and Rajasthan who also fall behind the entire country in ‘women empowerments’, women litigants in lower courts account for 9.5 - 10.5% of total cases, almost close to the national average.

In states like Haryana, Himachal, Jharkhand, Karnataka and West Bengal statistics are a bit above from larger states. Here the cases filed by women in subordinate and district courts comprise around 12 percent of total cases.

High Per-capita income states also slips down                          

Delhi and Gujarat, the high performing states in terms of economic and governance indicators, saw the sharpest decline in the percentage. In fact, cases registered by women in these states are among the lowest in India. At 3.8%, Gujarat has the lowest with just 65,000 of the 17.26 lakh cases in the state being those filed by women. In Delhi, the percentage of such cases is 5% with about 30,000 of the 5.74 lakh cases pending filed by women. In comparative study, Uttar Pradesh, which always has highest number of pending cases, there is 10.55 percent cases filed by woman which is just double than that of our national capital.  The total cases filed by women in UP is 6.31 lakh while the total pendency in its subordinates courts is 59.86 lakh.

Other states where few cases have been filed by women include Uttarakhand (4.8%), Kerala (7%), Odisha (7.6%) and J&K (7.75%). In northeastern states, the data is improved than Delhi.Here the trend is similar to the national average where cases filed by women constitute 10%-13%. 

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