Petitioning Supereme court to get the traffic more organised and Safe
Team SoOLEGAL 23 Mar 2017

Petitioning Supereme court to get the traffic more organised and Safe

I care , because like me , i think every citizen in delhi has suffered the loss of time and money coz of being stuck in traffic And no one will disagree that the the traffic and driving sensibilities of us Indians are amongst the worst in the world. We have traffic jams not becpz we have too much traffic but because no one follows any rules. And the Auto rickshaws are a law unto themselves holding our traffic and streets to ransom. 

This letter represents the mandate / opinion of the signatories. You too can support this mission and sign up 

Deterioration in traffic conditions and safety on Delhi roads presents a serious problem that is no longer limited to waterlogging during monsoons. Traffic jams, chaos and worsening congestion add to the struggles of our lives, almost daily! The cause of stagnated flow of traffic is not just lack of infra or over population or more vehicles on the roads. But can be largely attributed to lack of civic sense, law & order and ineffective implementation of existing laws governing the traffic. To say that commuters, drivers and public at large have become impatient, would be wrong. The rise in impatience, leading to incidents of road rage and other crimes, is primarily due to this constant decline in traffic conditions. The daily commute is increasingly becoming longer and gruelling. Imagine the frustration when one has to drive for three hours to cover a distance of 15kms! The very law & order structure and indifference of the administration allows for traffic violators to go unnoticed or ignored.

Another challenge is the stark absence of coordination between Metro, PWD, roads & highways department, Water Board / Sewerage Board, MCD etc. These civic authorities & infrastructure agencies literally attribute to the other half of the problem, wherein traffic conditions spiral out of control whenever there is civil repairs / maintenance works in progress or infra projects are being implemented. Frequent and uncoordinated works often lead to hazardous conditions on roads that hold the city to ransom. And the callousness of authorities towards human life and personal assets further adds to the woes of citizens.          

Roads choke, traffic crawls outside metro stations as auto rickshaw & other rickshaw drivers obstruct road space. Service lanes outside metro stations are heavily encroached by them that add to the existing chaos, causing severe inconvenience to commuters. Lawlessness of rickshaw drivers, lack of law to discipline them, and more significantly, lack of rules governing auto rickshaw and other rickshaw drivers have made entry and exit points at metro stations a traffic nightmare, especially during peak hours. These drivers flout traffic rules and stop randomly outside the stations in a rush to load or drop off passengers. These very auto-rickshaws drive on the streets as law onto themselves.

Traffic gridlocks on main roads and internal roads cost time and money to us commuters as well as the government. Unfortunately, our hard earned money paid in taxes is simply wasted by the government. Every year the State loses close to Rs.8000 crores in excess fuel consumption. This figure nearly triples to Rs 20,000 crores when other factors are considered such as loss of productive man hours, increased air pollution, and other issues related to traffic congestion.

The Government elected by us has been working only on a single point  agenda to curb corruption. We agree that they are working towards development but it seems that their  efforts are focused only towards regularising unauthorised colonies, slums  etc.The urban infrastructure of the city is completely ignored. Our Chief Minister had pledged to make Delhi, the capital of the largest democracy in the world, a world class city.  We ask the Chief Minister that is his "world"  idea and "class" limited towards development of unauthorised colonies and slums of Delhi?

 Being tax payers and proud citizens of Delhi, it is our right to demand better infrastructure and more regulated traffic system in the city.  Our PIL aims to seek the following relief  from the High Court :

Complete ban of parking of Auto-Rickshaws/Rickshaws outside the Metro Station, Shopping Malls and other public footfall places.  Auto-Rickshaws should be provided with space to collect passengers.
Strict implementation of lane driving rule which already exist as one of the traffic rules.
Impound/Penalty on vehicles blocking free left turn at crossings.
Impound/Heavy Penalty for vehicles blocking red light free and red light crossings.
Closure of at grade openings in the median at many locations in order to stop the misuse of the same for u-turns etc.   
Abolish at grade parking on roads with carriage width less than 50 feet. 
Unless otherwise can be accommodated, vehicles not be parked vertically or in slant. If they can be parked on the road with carriage width more than 50 feet then they should be parked horizontally parallel to the road.

We are starting this online campaign and seek your support on the above mandate to make Delhi liveable again. 
We are also open to your suggestions and feedback to be included in our PIL

This is a movement For Delhi By Delhi.


Please sign the petition


Author: Vikaas Ahluwalia 

Supported by SoOLEGAL- Discovery Platform for Law



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