Lawyers belong to an Intellectual class and are bound by the professional ethics and to maintain high standard: SC

Team SoOLEGAL 8 Jul 2020 3:11pm

Lawyers belong to an Intellectual class and are bound by the professional ethics and to maintain high standard: SC

A petition was filed against the Registry of Supreme Court and Union of India by an advocate against unequal treatment by cases filed by ordinary lawyers. Justice Arun Mishra and Justice S. Abdul Nazeer rejected the petition by saying that the Registry of Supreme Court is being blamed without any reason.

The Court held that the petitioner had made some allegations which have no meaning against the Registry and thus the Court imposed a fine of Rs 100/- against the petitioner so that the petitioner can remember his responsibilities before filing such absurd and meaningless petition further ahead.

The Court further held that the lawyers are a part of the Judicial system and also that they are the officers of the Court. They are indeed an elite and intellectual class of the society. The expectation from them must be honoured to the society then only the prestige and dignity of this noble profession can be protected and honoured.

The Court went ahead to state  that extra pressure is being given on the Assistant in drafting the petition. Even in this pandemic situation they are working to their maximum capacity and thus mistake is very common. There is no need to file a petition instantly, especially those petitions which are being drafted with mistakes or carelessness. During this Covid-19 situation it is too much to expect perfection from the Assistants.

The Court also held that the petitioner had blamed the Registry with no good reason. Since several petitions have been filed with defects, the defects have not been healed together for years. In such a situation, when the pandemic is taking place over human lives, there are unfounded and irresponsible allegations against the Registry of this Court, which is part and parcel of the judicial system.

Hence the Court has rejected the petition. 

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