“I have a plan to deal with judicial backlog and providing justice to the poor”, says Justice Ranjan Gogoi

Team SoOLEGAL 1 Oct 2018 10:30am

“I have a plan to deal with judicial backlog and providing justice to the poor”, says Justice Ranjan Gogoi

Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who has been designated as the next Chief Justice of India and is set to take charge as head of judiciary on Oct 3, on Saturday said he has a plan to tackle judicial backlog which is bringing disrepute to the judiciary.

Addressing a gathering of young lawyers at a seminar organised by Youth Bar Association of India, Justice Gogoi said two issues are troubling him. The first issue he said is the rising pendency of cases.

Pendency is bringing a lot of disrepute. In fact if I may say so, it has the potential of making the system irrelevant. The accused in a criminal case is getting a hearing after he has served out the sentence. The parties in a civil proceeding are getting their judgments in the second or third generation.”

He then proceeded to state that he has a plan to deal with the issue and will soon unfold it while emphasizing the need of active involvement of lawyers in his efforts to get over the issues.

Justice Gogoi then appealed to the Bar to give a thought on the problems he had discussed and to get involved with efforts being made by the judiciary to find a solution.

 “I would request each of you to kindly give a thought to this and see how you can overcome this difficulty. I don’t think the task is really [unclear]. I have a plan and will unfold it and you are welcome to take part in that and participate in the process.”

He then talked about the second issue which he raised was providing access to justice to the poor and marginalised sections of the society which also needed to be done on priority basis.

The second is providing access to justice to the huge poverty-stricken population of this country.”

He then urged the Youth Bar Association of India to offer voluntary legal service in overcoming such a problem.

One area where the Youth Bar Association can help is to offer voluntary legal service. It is not actually voluntary as under the present scheme of things, voluntary legal service aid is recognised by grant of a small remuneration. But I assure you the degree of satisfaction that it can bring to each one of you is tremendous.”

Justice Gogoi, who will take charge as the 46th CJI, will be the first in the post from the North-east. He will serve tenure of over 13 months before his retirement on November 17, 2019. 

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