Live Webinar on - Psychopath Behaviour: Perception & Reality

Online (20 May 2020@ 04:00 pm - 20 May 2020@ 05:00 pm)

Live Webinar on - Psychopath Behaviour: Perception & Reality

Objectives of the Webinar

  • In the present context, the general tendency is to label every sexual criminal, a psychopath, whereas, in reality, the two are fundamentally different from each other in their motive, nature, and commission. 
  • To understand the difference between the two it is necessary to study the details of these types of crime and criminals. 
  • Through this webinar, the audience will be able to understand the topic, learn to analyse the case, the challenges faced during an investigation, trial procedure and the sentencing policy for psychopaths.  
  • The webinar will emphasize on the interdisciplinary approach and thus will be useful for all the stakeholders.

Topics the Webinar will cover : 

  • Who are psychopaths? 
  • Criminal law & psychopaths 
  • Difference between psychopaths & sociopaths 
  • Difference between psychopaths & sex predators/sexual criminals 
  • Difference between psychopaths & serial killers 
  • Existing provisions for trial of Psychopaths in the present Indian Criminal Justice System 

Date: Wednesday 20th May 2020 4:00 PM To 5.00 PM

Target Audience- Anyone especially law fraternity (students, advocates, judges), 

psychologist, psychiatrist, police, administration, NGO’s. 


Prof. (Dr.) Priya Sepaha is Director, ‘Law Colloquy’, Author, trainer, blogger and Youtuber. She is M.A. (English), M.Phil. (English), LL. B, LL.M (Criminology) and UGC NET and PhD (Law). She has worked extensively in the field of Criminology, Criminal Law, Personal Law, Torts and Contemporary issues.   

She is a member of International Society of Therapeutic Jurisprudence, USA, member of International Society of Criminology. She is also a Senior Peer Reviewer and member of Editorial Board on Arts, Management and Social Sciences in various national and international journals, notably in India, Japan, UAE, and United States. 

She is a passionate writer on various aspects of Criminal Law, Criminology, Penology and Victimology. She has written six books and has also written many articles in many National and International Journals. She has presented papers in many National and International Conferences, distinctively in Harvard (the United States), Oxford (United Kingdom), Cambridge (United Kingdom), Brighton (United Kingdom), Singapore, Bangkok, Khon Kaen University (Thailand), Doha (Qatar) and Tokyo (Japan). 

She had the distinction of being the Keynote speaker at the International conference held at Cambridge. She was panellist in the conference at Harvard Law School (USA).  She has also chaired the sessions at International Conferences held at India, Oxford, Cambridge, Tokyo, and Bangkok. She was adjudged “The Best Presenter” at the International Conference held in Singapore and received ‘Best Paper Award’ at International Research conference, Tokyo.  

She started the law website, “”, YouTube channel “Dr Priya Sepaha” and FB page, Instagram page “Law Colloquy” where she actively shares articles, legal news, lecture series and so on for law awareness.  

She was awarded Swami Vivekananda Excellence Award 2017 in the field of “Academic Administration” by World’s Achiever’s Foundation and Confederation of Indian Universities, Delhi, awarded for “Environment Protection and Development 2017” by Scientific and Environment Research Institute at “World Clean Environment Congress 2017”,“National Teaching Excellence Award 2017” from International Benevolent Research Foundation and “Indian Education Award, 2019” in the field of “Research in Education” and  “Excellent Researcher Award (Female)" by International Academic and Research Excellence Award (IARE-2019) and “Women Icon of the Year” Award in International Inspirational Women Awards, 2020. 

About Law Colloquy- ‘Law Colloquy’ is created for documenting short precise and substantive articles/lecture/videos on the perceptions regarding various important topics of law. The aim is to make people familiar with the various theories, statutes, laws and to help one understand and develop the legal mindset. An attempt has been made to deliver useful information in an easy to grasp manner by focusing on the basics so that even the complex issues become simple to understand. By including new findings and sharing legal knowledge, an attempt has been made to create a significant impact in the field of higher education as a whole. 

13 May 2020 02:48 pm
George Jefferson   29 May 2020 3:49pm
I didn't receive any certificate till now sir / madam? Can you resolve this problem
  29 May 2020 12:03pm
Certificate of Participation has been sent to all Participants to their registered email addresses. Thanks !
Namita bathre   29 May 2020 11:03am
It was excellent and informative session. Thabkyou...
Leonardo  29 May 2020 10:54am
It was very informative session.
Richa Tyagi   29 May 2020 10:37am
Excellent webinar from the perspective of pyschology
Ritu Panta   22 May 2020 2:44pm
Excellent webinar.Thanks to so legal
aravind   22 May 2020 12:54pm
it's really good and informative webinar......thank you soolegal
Likitha   22 May 2020 12:30pm
Since I’m doing my MPhil in forensic psychology, I’m glad I attended the session since it’s my area of interest. It did clear the doubts I had about the read more
Himanshu Shukla   21 May 2020 6:14pm
It was very informative session and Ma'am cleared many misconceptions.
George   21 May 2020 2:29am
Can we get certificate for participating?
  21 May 2020 4:49pm
Yes. E Certificates will be mailed to all registering participants within a week's time to their registered email addresses.
  20 May 2020 3:38pm
Link to Join the Webinar has been emailed and Sms'd to your registered email address and mobile no. respectively. Please join the webinar 10 minutes before read more
Dr Suresh Kumar   20 May 2020 1:11pm
Link not provided yet.
Bonani Goswami   18 May 2020 11:49pm
I want to know about psychopath behaviour which seems to be very interesting and may be helpful enough for my work or any future research
Md mubarak   17 May 2020 8:28am
Hii i am Mubarak coll me
Shilpa v   16 May 2020 5:07pm
This app is nice
George Jefferson   14 May 2020 8:10pm
Which app the webinar going to happen? Which app i can use to attend soolegal webinars
  15 May 2020 12:46am
Thank you for registering. You will get a mail which will have all details including information on which app you will require to download to attend the read more
George Jefferson   14 May 2020 8:10pm
Which app the webinar going to happen? Which app i can use to attend soolegal webinars

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