Charanjeet Kaur 21 Dec 2018 6:19pm
Leveraging Legal Tech for Growth in the Legal Industry
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Technology is bringing a radical change in how we live and work, and the legal sector is no exception. The legal industry, which has been hesitant to embrace the technological innovations, is now experiencing an era of transformation. The mundane tasks of paperwork and data management, long practiced by legal professionals, are now getting replaced…
Charanjeet Kaur 30 Nov 2018 5:43pm
Legal Issues of Divorce You Need to Discuss with an Attorney?
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The divorce process can be overwhelming and emotionally exhausting for the persons involved. And so, whether you are going for a contested divorce or an uncontested one, you must enlist the help of an experienced attorney, as he can make the process a lot smoother.  Most importantly, you can discuss and get guidance on the several legal issues…
Charanjeet Kaur 20 Nov 2018 6:18pm
Top Reasons why Lawyers must learn to Embrace Technology
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Attracting and retaining clients in today’s competitive market requires law firms as well as legal practitioners to find more innovative ways to keep clients engaged. Essentially, today’s lawyers not only need to understand the fundamentals of legal practice, but also need to embrace technology to serve their client needs to the best of their ability.…
Charanjeet Kaur 19 Nov 2018 3:31pm
4 Most Important Ways to Grow Your Legal Practice
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Many lawyers often have to struggle to survive during the initial years of legal practice.Right from finding the right practice area, to finding prospective clients and most importantly, establishing a strong clientele can be challenging for a novice lawyer. Moreover, with so many lawyers – including experienced and fresh entrants – a novice lawyer…
Charanjeet Kaur 30 Oct 2018 3:41pm
Can #MeToo Allegations expressed on social media sites be Legally Viable?
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The #MeToo movement has created quite a stir across the Indian entertainment and media industry. The year-old movement that has long failed to take root in India has today become one of the most important conversations to come out of 2018 so far.But are the accusations under the #MeToo campaign — mostly expressed on the social media sites — legally…
Charanjeet Kaur 3 Apr 2018 12:35pm
Project Management is Key to Survival for Lawyers
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The ever-growing use of technology is changing how the legal industry operates. Right from businesses to individuals seeking legal advice and/or representation are demanding greater value for their work – in a more transparent and efficient manner. Essentially, most of the clients today want legal services that are affordable and convenient. And so,…

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