4 Most Important Ways to Grow Your Legal Practice
Charanjeet Kaur 19 Nov 2018

4 Most Important Ways to Grow Your Legal Practice

Many lawyers often have to struggle to survive during the initial years of legal practice.

Right from finding the right practice area, to finding prospective clients and most importantly, establishing a strong clientele can be challenging for a novice lawyer.

Moreover, with so many lawyers – including experienced and fresh entrants – a novice lawyer might find it difficult to find the confidence and the patience to stick around. Also, it can be pretty challenging to find excitement in rigmarole on a daily basis.

Here are a few tips you must consider in order to grow your legal practice:

  1. Learn what you can do to stand out

The legal industry is more competitive than ever, and so, it is important that you learn about the ways that can help you stand out from the rest such as:

  • When beginning your legal career, you should practice in the lower court, as you get to know the basic tutelage of law.
  • In case, you are joining a law firm, speak to your seniors (ideally immediate seniors) in your workplace for insights on what can be required of you as a fresher. This will help you prepare mentally to face any challenge thrown your way.
  • Keep up to date on what’s the latest development in law,
  • Need to go through some judgment relating to a case you are being assigned? However, when you’re running out of time, reading the entire judgment can be difficult. Fortunately, there are tech solutions that can help you read the summary of a case instead of going through the whole judgment.
  1. Find a Niche Practice Area

The best way to establish yourself as a valuable asset to your law firm and build good credibility among prospective clients is to find a niche area of law as a specialty. For an instance, becoming an expert litigant on a certain type of tax laws, such as GST – which is not a mainstream field of practice – can greatly help increase your value.

  1. Don’t Worry about Money; Focus on Practicing Law

Considering that making money in the first few years of litigation can be tough never let money be the discouraging factor for you. You will make money once you become an expert in litigation. But when you are just starting out, your first priority should be to learn about practicing law.

In order to learn how to practice law, you will have to understand how to get along with colleagues, or how to communicate well with clients, and how to handle basic legal matters. After all, these are the foundations of a good legal career. Especially, by taking every opportunity to work for actual clients, even if it means low-paying job or pro bono work, make sure you do it. This will help you gain the experience – that will help you in generating funds for years to come.

  1. Learn about Technology

Just in case you haven’t heard, technology is transforming how legal services are delivered. In fact, some lawyers have already started to make use of at least some type of technology to assist them in running their practices, even if it is about communicating with clients online, or maintaining records of client communication, etc.

Besides, just merely having the knowledge of law alone cannot necessarily make you a better lawyer. Rather, a boost in your productivity, or how well you use the extra time in handling a case is also important for your growth.

Wondering how technology will help?

Well, to begin with, at majority of law firms (if not all) a significant amount of time is lost to handling administrative tasks like data entry, billing, following up with prospects, etc. While these activities are essential for a law firm to stay in business, they also deprive legal practitioners with the time needed to take their practice to the next level. However, by using tech solutions you can free up time – to be more productive and to focus more on your growing your practice.

Hope that the ways discussed above can assist your growth as a legal practitioner.

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