Why Social Media is Critical to Success in Legal Profession
Anuj Malhotra 8 Mar 2017

Why Social Media is Critical to Success in Legal Profession

Clien aqusisation techniques change as rapidly as tax  planning strategies. To remain competitive, retain clients, grow your practice and manage your online reputation, you have to keep up with the demands of your client base and reach new prospects.

Prospects are more tech-savvy today than they were 10 years ago. Many of them grew up with technology, or have adapted to it, so they expect to be served differently. They don’t wait for brochures or prospect meetings to learn about your firm. They do their homework online before you even have the chance to shake their hand. What do prospects see when they Google your firm? What’s their first impression of your firm when they research you? Are you satisfied with the quality and quantity of information that will guide them to the decision to engage your services?

There is more to social media marketing than merely having a Facebook page, LinkedIn account or Twitter profile. Social media provides an opportunity to build your brand equity and showcase your thought leadership. Prospects expect to glean some advice, analysis and insight from your firm before making the decision to engage you. Having a cohesive communication strategy across multiple go-to-market channels means prospects will easily find and interact with your firm early in their research process.

But social media isn’t just about business development. It’s also about client retention and recruitment. Clients look to you to provide real-time answers to an array of questions. They expect you to be accessible and to communicate with them regularly through channels they already utilize, including email, social media and mobile. They want more advisory interaction with you without having to pick up the phone or come into the office.

Potential employees also review your social media presence to determine if it seems like a good fit from a cultural perspective. Their perception of you and your firm based on your social media communications may affect their decision to apply for an open position.


So, why do you need social media marketing? Your social presence, or lack thereof, can be critical to your firm’s continuity. If executed properly, social media is a measurable solution that will:

  • Raise awareness of your brand and services
  • Allow you to tune in to what’s being said about your brand
  • Enhance word-of-mouth marketing
  • Provide a real-time mechanism for client and prospect communication
  • Increase client loyalty and provide richer client experiences
  • Build consumer trust
  • Offer more opportunities to convert
  • Increase inbound traffic and conversion rates
  • Improve search engine rankings for your firm’s website

What kind of content should you share on social media?

Clients look to you to provide tips and strategies to help them plan for the future. Offer tips and strategies on a regular basis. Social media is also a popular channel for news. Share reputable and accurate news that may be of interest to your followers – whether about taxes that affect their estate or succession plans, or more general business or lifestyle news that they will appreciate. Include quality imagery with your posts and utilize infographics whenever appropriate. Your posts will generate more engagement if accompanied by an image or infographic.

Why are images and infographics so popular? Pictures enhance or affect emotions and attitudes. Any image associated with your post will heighten its engagement potential, provided that it is relevant to the topic of the post and of good quality. An infographic uses the power of visually-appealing content to trick the brain into reading. Visual clues help us decode text and attract attention to information or direct attention increasing the likelihood that the audience will remember.

Sharing tips, news and infographics on money-saving, estate planning, tax minimizing and other financial topics that are interesting and compelling may help you increase engagement on your social channels. Enhance your firm’s retention, prospecting and recruiting activities by giving your social media marketing a boost with quality content. If you don’t have a marketing team to create your social media posts, SoOLegal can help you. 


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