Trade Marking #METOO Drive
Trademarkclick .com 21 Apr 2018

Trade Marking #METOO Drive

The World of Social Media

With the advancement of technology and advancement of social media, not only the access to any information has become relatively prompt and tranquil but also it has now become the primary source of attaining information. This fusion of social media and easily accessible technology has made it nearly everything available at a distance of a single swipe/ click. The charm of the virtual world has transpired across the globe which has led to minute by minute increase in no. of its users. The platform with such mesmerizing advantages is now being used for everything i.e. from being used as a tool to fight the social battles like women empowerment, social reforms, etc. to merely being informed. Needless to state, this platform has become the prime means of social attraction and thus has become a crucial part of every business regime.

Significance & Objective of the Trademarks

When it comes to the Intellectual Property (IP) regime, the primary objective is to protect one’s right over their intellectual creation which can be done by availing appropriate rights depending upon the work created. In terms of Trademarks, the development is mere with respect to a ‘mark’ which can be a word or logo but the prime focus still is to protect one’s right over such creation. Such protection can be availed by getting one’s mark registered
under the provisions of the Trade Mark’s Act, 1999. However, even this protection becomes secondary to the usage of the mark, since we follow the “prior user principle”. Moreover, we also have a provision for attaining the status of ‘well known mark’; wherein reputation plays a very strong role. For the very assessment of reputation, it is significant to ascertain whether the mark is in the knowledge of general people or not and therein the role of social media and advertising is pivotal.

The Fusion

Recently the social media went through a unique movement wherein all kinds/ classes of women started openly sharing “#METOO” while consoling each and other through their instances of sexual harassment & exploitation all over the world. This global drive though originated with a single comment of social activist and community organizer Tarana Burke and actress Alyssa Milano, but was encouraged worldwide by all kinds of women fork and was even followed by several male remarks “#FORGIVEME”. Understanding the increasing number of eyeballs, this exclusive practice, a Beauty Brand Hard Candy launched a new line of elite cosmetics with the same name “#METOO”. The brand owners not only have benefitted from the increasing popularity of the mark but also have indicated that their line of business is dedicated to women.

With this, it can be said that the benefits of the virtual world can be encashed in terms of attaining the reputation for the mark.

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