Malini Chaudhri 5 Jul 2018


As the bubble bursts we agitate for a new constitution. For some years we are living in a vaccum, and our religion is over. Space has no boundries. The stars sit in our door. It is a new era and we search for a twilght zone.

Some Judicial commissions have released pages on the new directory of Human Rights and how we should approach it. The concern here is our rights to integrity, to freedom of speech, to family life, to privacy of space, data and funds, the right to life, to dignity, to being free of torture from circumstances as war and surveillance missions....

The main contention is Security. Safety comes first. Every nation has to safeguard its policies and data. Every nation has to have control.  Security systems have progressed in order to manage surveillance in the wake of terrorism, threats on nations as USA, encroachment, robbery, groupism and community work of adverse consequences, trafficking, flesh trade and secret alliances that can destroy our world.

There has been conflict in the past and new laws aim at defining human rights in a standard that can avoid the same conflict. Yet the new security arrangement limits humans, families, privacy and often afflicts terror. It operates from unknown realms as satelites, maps humans, invades every spaces, accesses every data. Even Intellectiual Property has the 'shelf life of a banana.(Bill Gates.).'

Humans and nations have grown in the past. What makes it so difficult this time? Perhaps it is the need to re-explore constitutional support for individuals to define the limits of national security controls on citizens. 

The margins are narrow and comfort less as the security process comes into motion in a new world of fast wireless information. Courts must manage to define the limits of technology on fundamental rights as per international guidelines. Information technology is a global continuum and all nations must experience the same impact of change.

Threat, terror, perversion, continues as before, and controls of systems involve terror to many. Courts must initiate processes to stabilize human rights in the changing times, and to permit a fair trial. There are gaps in resolving legal issues based on accelerated aggrievances of petitioners, and no fair trials in the chaos.

We are being pushed to a limit, and must come together with constitutional awareness to equalize in transition.

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