Courts are enviable for the immaculate appearance of its custodians, lawyers, and Justices. In fact, there is a detailed grooming standard known to empower the statutes and magnificent presence of the Judiciary. The grooming standard is exact and compatible with the written standard and is equalized globally in its uniform. Black and White and read all over. The measuring scale, the hammer, the book and the seal are typical icons marking the law area.

In the past, Justices belonged to the British Crown, wore white wigs and had long hair, and conveyed a stoic appearance of solemnity and statutory organization. This formal dignity and lofty profession marked impressions from the Church and the Ministry. Yet it remained a proud forefather.  The formal, crisp legacy of this profession tapered down and spread to other professions. Uniform appearances were seen in the army, police, medical and professions arranged under the State.

Courses from Britain emphasize the grooming standard even to appear for a course exam. It is the same with petitioners and lawyers appearing at work in the Court.


Personal care covers personal cosmetics and toiletries. The skin must look groomed and healthy. The hair must be clean and groomed, perhaps with the application of gel control. Nails, hands, and feet form another standard. Nails must be cut and clean, without yellowness or white marks showing liver deficiencies. It is advisable to have regular manicure and pedicure. With the coming of the satellite era investigations about the personal choices of individuals is assessed. There are mystery audits from giants like Amazon that assess preferences of personal care. A lawyer may be marked for their practices in home-based care with the use of Epsom salts, spa body washes, and lotions and hair or skin treatments. The current market values those that aspire towards best personal tastes in grooming. Sometimes lawyers are rewarded for their culture in grooming and personal care in unseen markets.

Clearly, lawyers looking untidy or unkempt cannot succeed in their law practice. Imagine having overall grooming protocols for work, but the skin is with pigmentation. It is time to call your dermatologist and get corrected. Regular facial steaming, detoxification, facial scrubbing or peeling with AHA enhances the complexion and brightens the skin. Often SPF may need to support the preservation of the treated skin. Appearance and attire is money. It brings reward to careers.

Petitioners have often made the mistake of visiting the court without grooming. These cases may not receive favorable outcomes, as they have presented themselves carelessly.


Health is reflected in the personal appearance and attire. Inflammation, mucous, fatty constitutions, sluggishness are not desirable in the modern time when a lot is available for natural health and wellness. The lawyer may manage a protocol for exercise and steam bath, walk daily or do yoga.  Strength training and cardio can be done at home or in a gym. Wellness solutions improve the overall disposition and mindset of the individual and support harmony.

Herbal teas and nutritional supplements boost the metabolism. Moringa, spirulina, and wheatgrass are known super green foods that boost natural wellness, give nourishment to the cells and remove toxins. Superfoods prevent cancer and other dangerous diseases.

Sports supplements, pre-workout supplements, protein shakes, meal replacements, sports granola bars and compatible diets keep the body healthy and maintain a good physique. These endorse the professional and show management of standards.

Fortunately, prices are no longer a worry. Amazon brings the best of all markets to India at very competitive rates and products are delivered home. The digital era supports personalized care and advanced management based on reviews, star ratings, and price value. Supermarkets offer member discounts and attractive deal zones for healthy shopping.

Outgrowing bad eating habits, oily food, popping chemical pills and painkillers, depending on sleeping tablets, is essential to adjust to the strengths of the digital era. Shower daily, wash towels and keep the environment clean.

There are many plateaus to attain in managing standards of grooming but the climb may be an enjoyable one and worth the results. Until a comfort zone is reached and home-based strategies are effective, the aspiring professional can continue to take appointments with experts and get groomed in the luxury spa and parlor.  Foot baths with aromatic epsom salts, attractive fragrances, bath and shower gels, home based steam sauna arrangements, gyratory massages and associated rituals may be programmed to suit personal needs.

Standards of grooming include personal hygiene that covers adequate washing and change of bathing towels, brushing of teeth, change of bed linen, cleaninh of personal and workspace. The mindset to aspire to best standards organize professionals from their inner space to their outer space. Hygiene and orderliness produces better outcomes at work, a congenial disposition, a cordial behavior and organized connected work hygiene. 

This article was published on Legal Bites in April 2018