The dilemma for Pakistanis
Markandey Katju 15 Apr 2023

I pity Pakistanis, for they face a real dilemma. They must either follow the truth, or follow the law.

The truth is, as mentioned in my article below, that Pakistan is a fake, artificial entity, created by that British swindle called Partition, on the basis of the bogus 2 nation theory ( that Hindus and Muslims are 2 separate nations ). We are really one country, sharing the same culture, many speaking the same language Hindustani, and we were one since Mughal times. We are bound to reunite under a secular govt, though that will take time.

However, the problem for Pakistanis is that if they speak this truth they may be sentenced to upto 10 years imprisonment under section 123A Pakistan Penal Code, which states :
''  123A. Condemnation of the creation of the State, and advocacy of abolition of its sovereignty.__ (1) Whoever, within or without Pakistan, with intent to influence, or knowing it to be likely that he will influence, any person or the whole or any section of the public, in a manner likely to be prejudicial to the safety or ideology of Pakistan, or to endanger the sovereignty of Pakistan in respect of all or any of the territories lying within its borders, shall by words, spoken or written, or by signs or visible representation, abuse Pakistan or condemn the creation of Pakistan by virtue of the partition of India which was effected on the fifteenth day of August, 1947, or advocate the curtailment or abolition of the sovereignty of Pakistan in respect of all or any of the territories lying within its borders, whether by amalgamation with the territories of neighboring States or otherwise, shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment which may extend to ten years and shall also be liable to fine.''

Pakistanis thus face the same dilemma which people in Europe faced after Copernicus enunciated his heliocentric theory in 1543 ( that the earth goes around the sun ) which was contrary to the then prevalent geocentric theory in the Bible ( that the earth is the centre of the Universe, and the sun goes around it ).

At that time speaking anything against the Bible was a capital offence, for which one could be burnt at the stake ( Galileo almost met this fate in 1625, and escaped by recanting ).

However, I am confident that ultimately the truth will triumph, as the Sanskrit adage Satyamev Jayate states, and section 123A, like the Bastille or the Berlin Wall, will one day come crashing down. 

By Justice Markandey Katju, former Judge, Indian Supreme Court
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xiao lee   15 Jun 2023 4:22am
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