Quantum Computer | Future Computing : Quantum Computer versus Classical Computer by Bivas Chatterjee
Bivas Chatterjee 16 Aug 2019

Quantum Computer | Future Computing : Quantum Computer versus Classical Computer by Bivas Chatterjee

Quantum Computer | Future Computing : Quantum Computer versus Classical Computer by Bivas Chatterjee

Quantum Computing: Using the quantum mechanism to solve complex computational tasks which is not possible by classical computers. 

We know that quantum mechanics is a branch of physics. It deals with the sub-atomic particles which are smaller than atom and the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and it is a study of sub atomic particles’ behaviour. 

what is quantum computing?

Quantum computing runs on the quantum mechanical rules, that is rules/phenomena of sub-atomic particle ……namely superposition and entanglement…..

What is superposition?

Any two quantum states can be added to get another valid quantum state, particles can be in two states at a given time.

Entanglement: this quantum mechanical phenomenon occurs when pairs or groups of particles interacts in such way that each particles loose their independent quantum state.

Quantum computer versus Classical Computer: 

Quantum computers are able to solve hard computational problem and challenges much faster and efficiently when compared with classical computer.

Quantum computer are  capable solving complex problem….

quantum computer can do parallel processing…..

For example a 4-qubit can run 16 calculations simultaneously. . 

Classical computers are made of silicon chips and works on off or on state……0 or 1 state i.e. always on a particular single state …..unit is marked as bit being 0 and 1.

Whereas in quantum computer it is quantum bits or qubits……..that is ……..being a super position of 0 and 1. 

Quantum computing and artificial intelligence: use of quantum computing in AI will make AI more powerful and speedier.

Quantum computer are cold:

Quantum computers have to be kept in almost absolute zero temperature that is equals to zero kelvin, which equals to -273.15 c or -459.67 Fahrenheit.

Quantum Cryptography: Using the quantum computing to solve complex cryptographic tasks which is not possible by classical computers.

Quantum computing can can deal and process with huge amount of data which classical computer can not………..hope to model the complex human brain …….or….entire world…. or even can crack the mistrys of universe……..

Future of Quantum Computing:

quantum computing still in infant stage…………….researches are underway for building a quantum computer which will be error  free, working on large number of qubits and which will work for a longer computational periods…………………………and we will achieve quantum supremacy……. time has the answer…….

For details in the videos in the following link:

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