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Procedure to track Court Cases online - CNR number – QR code
Kishan Dutt Kalaskar 28 Feb 2023

Procedure to track Court Cases online - CNR number – QR code

Procedure to track Court Cases online - CNR number – QR code


The digital drive has accelerated growth in many sectors in India and across the globe and has produced groundbreaking results in different domains. Digital transformations in forms of digital literacy, digital infrastructure creation, communication and networks through digital banking, and digital delivery of services have seemingly worked as bridging a gap and reducing disparities between authorities, members or consumers/users. It has established a new and revolutionary set of channels for transactions. This growth in the digital sector has triggered issues pertaining to its legal and jurisdictional characterin India.These issues became essential to address in order to implicate transparency and convenience between the State and its citizens.


Importance of CNR Number and QR Code

CNR is a unique number assigned to each case filed in district and taluka courts. Once the CNR number is entered, you can get the current status and details of the case.

Case status can also be searched by party name, case number, filing number, advocate name, FIR number or Act type.

The app is extremely helpful and beneficial to both lawyers and litigants. By using this app, one can easily receive notification regarding the next date of hearing of a case.

Judgments copies are available on the app meaning you need not to have wait for a long to access the hard copy of the judgment.

One can also access information by just scanning the QR code.

All information related to high court and district court cases can be accessed through this single mobile application.

The QR code option can be utilized equally by the courts, advocates, thelitigants. The print out of the QR code generated fromthe ecourt websitemaybe pasted in the case docket by the courts and the advocates andwiththescan QR code option available in the e courts mobile app or usinganyotherscan QR code app one can scan the QR code and get the details of thecaseinone scan which will free the user from manually typing the 16digitCNRnumber or by entering the other details while searching . If onestartsusingthis Qr code option it becomes addictive for the user .Just try theoptionandenjoy its speed and accuracy of getting the case details.

EXCLUSIVE SEARCH FOR FIRs (First Information Reports – Police Station)

The FIR registered in the State of Karnataka can be searched in the link and similar links are available created by different State Governments


eCourts in India


eCourts is a revolutionary tool launched to disseminate legal information in India. On 7th August 2013, the Hon'ble Chief Justice of India launched the e-Courts National portal of the eCourts project. eCourt services facilitate citizens by providing information related to cases filed in subordinate courts and most of the High Courts in the nation. It  enables stakeholders as well as citizenstoto access various details pertaining to their pending case online. eCourts services portal is a centralized system where you can check and track the status or information of the case by inserting essential credentials. Moreover, citizens can also access data and information about the judicial system of the country. The judgment search portal also allows to search by Bench, Case Type, Case Number, Year, Petitioner/ Respondent Name, Judge Name, Act, Section, and decisions. Additionally, virtual courts enable online adjudication of cases and are proven to be time and costeffective than traditional court proceedings. Therefore, litigants can settle triviallegal disputes like traffic and transport challans, etc. and can also track and access their status online.


Steps to Follow in the Procedure to Track Court Cases Online

Follow these steps to track the status of your case online on eCourt:

1.      Download e court service application or visit the website

Services provided by eCourts offer to check and track the details of your case at your ease where you can get details on court orders and cases filed in subordinate courts, High Courts, and the Supreme Court. The public at large can access landmark judgments of cases and details or updates thereof to boost their legal awareness. In addition, it also provides e-filing services with virtual court proceedings. ( )

However, to get personalized details pertaining to your particular case filed, you will be required to log in and enter the credentials of your case as mentioned below to proceed further.

2.      Go to the search menu and enter the CNR number of your case

Once you have downloaded or visited the official website of the eCourt service, click on the ‘search menu’ section of an application/website and enter 16-digit CNR number of your case which is also commonly known as the case identity number. You will find this number on the document of your registered/filed case. If you are unable to log in with the CNR number, then you can opt for other options such as entering the registration number, litigant’s name, or advocate’s name.

3.      Select your state, district, and court complex

Select the state and district where the case is filed to determine the jurisdictional authority that applies to your case. The ‘Cause list’ option on the website provides a list of the cases awaiting a hearing.

4.      Click on the case status tab to know the details of your case

Check the status and once you have entered the details, click on the "Get Case Status" option. The current status of the case will be displayed on the screen. You will be able to see the history of your case.

5.      Save the details

You can also save the case details for future reference by clicking on the "Save this Case" option. However, you will need to register to create an account on the eCourts website to save the case details.

6.      Check for updates

You can check for updates on the professional dashboard of your case.



We can enunciate that digitization of the legal and jurisdiction system has simplified it for the people with an introduction of digital India having commitments to ‘power to empower’. Furthermore, you can also check your police case status online through quick links on e-court, e-prison, NCRB data portal, and on the website of digital police that is,  It's crucial to note that not all courts have online case tracking systems, and even if they do, some information or data may be restricted/sealed or unavailable to the public.




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