National Anthem of Kenya Copyrighted by a British Music Company
Trademarkclick .com 6 Jun 2019

National Anthem of Kenya Copyrighted by a British Music Company

National Anthem sparks the spirit of patriotism and if a country is restricted from playing the national anthem in a public platform then it shakes up the backbone of a Nation Kenya is prevented from playing their anthem in social media platform.
An international company named De Wolfe copyrighted the national anthem of Kenya. One of the biggest African YouTube Channel 2nacheki featured top ten National Anthems of Africa. When it was telecasted, it received a copyright strike which showed a statutory warning. When someone uses another’s work without permission it amounts to copyright strike. Kenya Copyright Board Office (KECOBO) rules that the age of a copyrighted work under the Kenya Government is 50 years. Kenya’s national anthem is a symbol of national unity.
It is protected under Article 9 (1) (b) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Section 2A (4) of the National Flags, Emblems and Names Act (cap 99 laws of Kenya) has provisions to protect the national anthem from misuse. KECOBO agreed that in 2013 the authority of copyright of National Anthem lapsed and the Government of Kenya missed the opportunity to review it. De Wolfe Limited is a music production company of England. It copyrighted the sound of the Kenyan anthem and changed some words from the song. Kenya Government is now relying upon YouTube and Google mechanism to get a solution. In connection with this YouTube said that another company named AdRev Publishers claimed the authority of copyright on behalf of De Wolfe. AdRev Publishers provides multi-platform technology and services that support and empower content owners, right holders brands and creators on YouTube, Facebook and beyond. Kenyan Government agitates that the act of De Wolfe and its associates is an insult to the dignity of the nation. The phrase “Hakuna Matata” of Swahili language was trademarked by Disney Film. They used the phrase for the title song “The Lion King”.
Swahili is spoken in countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, especially in East Africa. With the bash of copyright infringement, the country is now trying to protect their culture, heritage, national symbols and anthems through amendments in the existing laws.
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